Wednesday, June 27, 2012

traveling with Rory....

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Traveling with a toddler is extremely difficult.  Traveling with Rory is near impossible!  Jon I just got back from taking a trip to the Midwest for a wedding.  To keep it nicely, we will never travel again... except (obviously) to Florida.  Although Rory is not bad on the plane, she's quite the jet-setter since she has been to Florida twice, St. Louis a few times, and she just got back from our most recent trip to the midwest.  Although I felt like I should have bought everyone a complimentary alcoholic beverage fro being on the same flight as us, it's not the flight that is so extremely difficult.  
It is the time change, it's not being able to eat her normal foods, it's not being able to be in her own bed and sleeping in between mommy and daddy in a hotel, its adjusted nap times, time changes, she didn't have her highchair or potty chair, or any of her normal toys around.  Another thing Rory was not used to you was all of the traffic and driving in the car.  At our house, we are very blessed to have everything we could every need within a five minute car ride. On our trip everything was so much further, sometimes taking us almost an hour to get from one destination to another.  
To make things better, the airline lost her luggage on our way back home.  Our flight was delayed and we didn't get back home till around 1 o'clock.  At that time Rory was so stressed from the trip she threw up all over.  There was vomiting all over her room, all over me, and all over in the bathroom, and in the bathtub.  Vomit was everywhere.  It was the hardest trip ever!  When I do have more time (since I have to try to get cleaned up from our trip and unpacked) I will blog about everything, but right now: all I am going to say is traveling with a toddler is extremely difficult!

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