Monday, June 11, 2012

Water Wonderland!

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Many of you may know that Jon and I are huge bargain shoppers.  We love consignment stores, flea markets and yard sale fans.  A lot of the times we just like looking and not buying anything, sometimes it is fun to look at things other people want to get rid of!   But it is always fun to stumble upon something that we actually need that is in good condition.   I am a firm believe that everything can be cleaned and sanitized with bleach.  
The previous weekend during our coffee and morning yard sale trip we happened to find some treasures.  We were just driving around and stopped because we saw bright-colored toys and we knew they had to have kid gear!  Rory has a tendency to be a quite rough with her toys, so we frequently don't spend a lot of money on new things for her to break!  At the yard sale we found this inflatable  water playground for kids.  I thought it looked pretty fun but they wanted $10 for it.  We also saw a little tykes slide that was in good condition and we knew Rory liked it because she started playing on it while we were at the yard sale!  We ended up buying both of the items for about $4.00.  
This weekend we decided to turn the backyard into a water wonderland!   We opened up the inflatable water park and soon realized and never been used before; everything was still in the in the original packaging!  Well worth the $2.00!   We attach the hose the outside, blew up a few whales, sharks, palm trees, and water rings.  It turned out to be such a neat toy and we had so much fun splashing around and watching Rory go down the whale slide!   
We also brought out the other $2.00 bargain slide that we got at the yard sale and we put it our small baby pool.  A few weeks ago we also purchased a new water table and placed that in the backyard as well.  All three  together, all three of these toys; the slide in the pool, the water table, and the inflatable water park, created this weekend’s backyard water-park.
Nothing is more fun than playing in water with Rory!  

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  1. This is great! I love getting bargins like that at garage sales, too!



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