Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Walking the Dogs!

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One of Rory's new favorite things to do is to walk the dogs!  I love it!  It has become part of our morning routine; we do our stretches, eat our breakfast, dance, and then walk the dogs.

When she is ready, she will ask to take the pups outside to go "potty."  She goes to get their leashes and then we go outside!   She always holds Murphy's leash because Gabe is a bigger dog and pulls a bit, but Murphy stays pretty close to her, and she thinks he listens to her.

Rory may walk more each day than the average adult!  We walk several blocks and sometimes she chooses to run a few blocks.  When the dogs go to the bathroom Rory will cheer for them (just like we cheer for her when she goes potty in the potty chair)!

She then will start singing our "Going for a Walk," song....and her voice is nothing short of angelic.

When I was pregnant I would walk the dogs twice a day.  It is really nice to walk them again, but now its better because of my walking buddy!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Butterfly House!

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This weekend he took Rory to the butterfly house.  I was really excited to take Rory there because growing up my mother would always want to go to the butterfly house.  On occasion she would manage to get all four of us girls there and although she absolutely loved it, at the time (being a teenager) I was way too cool for the butterfly house!  Of course, now I love it and wish I would've appreciated it more back then! 

This weekend was different, I loved going to see the butterflies!   The delight on Rory’s face watching the butterflies flutter around was priceless!  As she watched them she would say, “Flutter, Flutter, Flutter!” and sign “butterfly.”   Her eyes would go from one butterfly to the next, watching them fly from flower to flower!  She wanted, so badly, to catch them!  She would reach out her little hand and say, “Mama, hold butterfly,”  which was adorable!  She would reach out her little hand in hopes that one would land on it.  She never caught one, but sure had fun trying!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Photo Friday!

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Feeding Coy Fish!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coke Zero!

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Rory’s intelligence always amazes me!  She is she is such a smart and beautiful girl.   I strongly believe that, as a stay at home mother, I am her first teacher.  We try to make every activity a learning activity, and then at night she gets to have independent time.  Sometime she surprises me with how brilliant she is!   She will do a little something here, or little thing there that just makes me smile and also makes my jaw drop to know how much she is absorbing every little thing we do!

 The other day on the other day was no exception!  We were driving with our friend Katy and were stopped at a stoplight.  Across from us was a red Coca-Cola truck.  Rory immediately she started saying, “dada’s  soda, dada’s soda.”  

Katy and I weren’t sure what she was talking about!   There were no soda’s in our car, and Jon was nowhere to be seen.  Then I looked back at her and she she pointed to the Coca-Cola truck.  Katy and I both burst out laughing!  It made our day. 

 It was so incredible that Rory is smart enough to relate a Coke zero can that she sees her dad drink at our house, to a Coca-Cola truck out on the street.  Little things she does just, like this, amaze me and inspire me to be a better mother and teacher for her.  It also makes me wonder truck if my husband I drink too much Coke Zero!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Animal ABC cards!

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Rory is currently learning abc's.  She is not even 2 and can already point and name every letter. One of the reasons why I think she has caught on so quickly to the abc's is because of the flash cards we made. 
The ABC cards take little to no time to make (depending on how detailed you want the pictures) and Rory absolutely loves them!  We already had index cards around the house, nothing special: just plain regular old index cards and after a trip to the craft store got some self adhesive felt ABCs that included numbers.  Here is a list of everytrhing we used, but keep in mind, you can customize these cards any way you would like!
Materials Needed:

  • Index cards
  • Letters (optional, you can always draw them on yourself)
  • Anything beginning with ABC that you would like to put on the back, we used animals but you can use anything you would like.
  • glue
  • Markers
For the back of the ABC cards, we decided to use animals for the back of the cards, since Rory loves animals.  We used my Cricut machine and the cartridge,  “Create a Critter”  to make our animals.  Its completely fine if you don’t have a dicut machine, in the scrapbooking section of many craft store many craft stores there are stickers of animals that you could use, or you can simply print out pictures from the internet: whatever is easiest for you!

Rory likes to use my Cricut machine, so we went in this direction.  I really wanted to use animals for the back of the cards not just because Rory loves animals, but because she LOVES to make animal noises for all of the critters that are on the cards.  Another perk of using animals is being able to talk about what colors the animals are, and my favorite, “pretending” to be the animals.

We stuck the felt ABC stickers on one side of the index cards.   On the other side we glued the critters and wrote the animals name.  It was so was so easy and so simple to do!  The hardest part was making the critters; but as I said before, you don't have to make your own critters. 

It is really neat to watch Rory with her cards!   She will ask to play with them, and will set them in ABC order and from 1-10.   She also likes to group the animals together and sometimes make them “play.”  She will group some of the jungle, beach and farm animals together and will make their sound.  (Which can be really difficult, because I have no idea what kind of sounds an octopus makes!   But we make it up!)

Having the animals name written on the back is also an additional practice for for letters.   When she looks at “L” card she will read back “L-I-O-N” to me.  It was just such a great learning activity for you when your child to do together both creating them and taking them and also learning about them hope you enjoy

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hand Foot and Mouth...STILL!

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Many of you may have read my posts from a while ago when Rory had hand, foot and mouth disease It truly was the worst time of my life! She had blisters in her mouth, in her diaper area, and on her feet.  They were so bad that she would not sleep, she wouldn't eat, and she really just wanted to cry.  

Although it has been gone for a month or so, she still getting side effects from it!  She has blister “scars” on her feet and her “big” toe nail and one of her finger nails are falling off.   I tried to get a decent picture; however it was really difficult with Rory never wanting to sit still!   the big toenail is the worst, we have managed to clip the fingernail, but the toe nail has decided to fall off and then re-grow mid nail!  I have tried to clip it but it must be pretty sensitive because every to every time I try she gets a little awfully squeemish.  

For right now, we just keep it on.  I don't really want to hurt her by cliping it. I just think it is completely insane that this has been gone for months and she still getting these side effects!  Apparently this is pretty normal, other moms with children who had hand foot and mouth have had the same thing happened to them.  Poor Rory!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Make a custom book for your child!

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Many of you may know my love for custom-made things for Rory.  I love making everything from cups, to plates, to books.  I love making Rory books because I get to create stories and put pictures of her family in it, and Rory loves reading books!   A few of her favorites include: Rory’s ABC’s and Go Shanny Go (made by my sister)! It is so much fun to see her face as she sees pictures of herself, of me, daddy, and her aunts and cousins.  

Many of you also know my love for bargains!  I found one today for a custom made book.   It is through the company SNAPFISH; www.snapfish.com It is for a 5*7 softcover photo book for free, all you have to pay is shipping and handling, which is $1.99! 

This is an amazing deal!   Whenever it is time to check out, add the promo code HPREWARD and all you have to pay is $1.99 for shipping!  I'm already making a book right now, Im going through all my pictures and thinking of fun stories!   I hope you enjoy  making these books.  If you have any problems feel free to send me an e-mail and I'll be more than happy to help you.   Time to get creative!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Photo Friday!

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Master Door Opener!

Pin It Nothing is safe in our house anymore....nothing.
Rory can open doors.  She has been trying for a while and would get them every now and then, but now it has become second nature to her.   She's stealthy too, you can't even hear the doors open!

This normally wouldn't be a problem but now when she has her "pre-wake" in the morning (she will wake up 45 min or so before she gets out of bed and play with her babies and sing etc...) she just comes out and opens the door.

Yesterday she was up at 5:30am.  I was working out and almost peed my pants a little bit when I heard the "mama's" come from downstairs.

So now I dont' know what to do....some of our doors have locks on them, which obviously will need to be taken out, but what do we do with Rory who will wake up 30 minutes into her afternoon nap and just open the door to play?

....any tips or suggestions???

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Burping baby!

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Once again, Rory has come out of nowhere and surprised me with something new!  The past few days Rory has been doing this new thing where she gets on old baby blanket (and one that she never used, it was actually left over at our house from one of our friends!), she will wrap herself in the blanket  and pretend like she's a baby.

It is nothing less than adorable because she wants to be held and rocked like a baby.  She will fake cry and ask for you to sing her baby songs.  Yesterday, she got her blanked and  all wanted to be a baby.  I thought it would be fun to video tape it for daddy and send it to him at work, so I managed to get this on video!  
She asked me to rock her and then to “burp” her.  I have no idea where that got this from, because she does not watch little babies on TV and Marilyn and Kindof are just stuffed babies, they don’t burp or move or anything....so I am not really sure where the burping came!  
Where ever it came from, I went ahead and started to burp her.   All of the sudden she let out a pretend burp, and I could not stop laughing!!! The best part....I got it on film!!! I hope you all love it like I do!   I still cannot stop laughing- and I have already watched it several times!  
What a silly Roro’s!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Squirrel Fun

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Lately, we have had a new visitor outside our house...it is a squirrel!!!  This little guy comes by our house every day and eats out of our bird feeder.   Rory loves him (or her)! She knows almost every morning when he will come and she will wait outside our door to see him.   She will also run into her room and get her babies and show them her squirrel friend!
Marilyn loves our Squirrel
We named the squirrel “Squirrel Babysitter,” because Rory and the cats love to watch him!  If i wanted to get Rory a babysitter, I could always just hire him!  Today was no exception, apparently there wasn’t enough birdseed on the ground so he decided to get some out another way!  We were laughing so hard at this booger hanging upside down!
Everyone watches the squirrel
I'm so glad we have a new pet and we don't have to clean up after them!  We love Squirrel Babysitter!

Monday, July 16, 2012

bird nests!

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Our family is a big nature family.  We love to go on hikes, walks, runs, and most other things outside.  Depending on the heat, we are outside every day for hours.  This weekend was no exception.  We were walking outside in our backyard and Rory noticed all of the pinecones and sticks that had accumulated on the ground.  She immediately begin picking them up, throwing them, and kicking them.  I thought we could use all of these great items from nature for a project, so I decided to combine Rory’s two favorite things: nature and animals.  We are making birds in a bird nest!
Materials Needed:
  • Long and short sticks
  • Pinecones, whatever sizes you choose
  • googly eyes
  • hot glue or craft glue
  • scraps of yellow felt or fabric

It was really nice that we had so many of the supplies already laying around in our house.  I chose to use hot glue, however, you can probably use craft glue.  Although, this project was a lot of fun for us, I quickly learned that this activity may not be completely suited for toddlers!  Older children have more patience, and can wait for the glue to dry, Rory, on the other hand, frequently pulled the nest apart and wanted to rip all the feathers off the pinecone birds.
The first thing we did was go outside on our nature hike!  We picked up several different sizes of sticks and a few pinecones.  After we came inside and played with our findings, we decided to make some birds.  To make the birds we took the pinecones and I glued some feathers on on the backside for tails.  (Rory enjoyed pulling the tails off the birds so we had to re-glue them several times!)  On the front of the pinecones, we added a few wobbly eyes a little square piece of felt for a beak and the birds were finished.  
It was then time to make the bird nests.  For this, we placed some of the larger sticks in almost a triangle shape for a good foundation for our other pinecones.  I placed the pinecones in the middle of the nest to make sure that they could sit “comfortably” in the nest.  Make sure the pinecone birds do not fall out of the nest and that they can kind of “sit” in the nest.  
Like I mentioned above, I used hot glue for making the nest.  Once I had a good foundation for the pine cones, I just kept gluing sticks to make the nest.Just remember to leave a small opening in the middle for the pinecones to sit.  When the nest was assembled, I glued the pinecones into the nest.  
I added a little cotton ball for an “egg” with the nest.  We had such a fun time collecting supplies for this project and it looks really cute on display!  Although it was tough gluing with a toddler, the end result was worth it!  Hope you enjoy the bird nests!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Monkey Love!

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Many of you may know that like most America Families, we do have a TV in the house; however, it is not plugged in and we do not have a converter box or cable.  It is an older TV upstairs that we just haven't done anything with.   It is not that we don't like TV, we do, we actually bought a fancy flat screen LCD TV, but after we got it out of the box, we  ended up taking it back.  We realized that we would spending too much time watching it instead of enjoying each others company, reading the books, playing games, and spending time with our soon to be baby (Rory was still in my belly).   Since Rory was born, we have really enjoyed spending family time together at night, and still haven’t gotten a TV, or hooked up the one we have.  
A long time ago, when we were first married, Jon got for me a nature documentary DVD set about animals.  It has chimpanzees, horses, dogs, birds, brown bears, and panda bears.  When daddy was working late a while ago, Rory was extremely fussy and was having major temper tantrums.  In order to keep my sanity, I was trying anything and everything, so I took her upstairs put in, “Chimpanzees with Jane Goodall,” DVD.  Little did I know, it would become her most favorite thing.  
Now, almost every day Rory asks to go upstairs so she can watch the monkeys.   When we watch them we do whatever they do, we walk like monkeys, talk like monkeys, eat like monkeys etc...  
Rory knows everything about the chimpanzees of Africa; she knows all about the termites they eat, how they probe for the termites, she will talk about how the monkeys lick rocks (that the villages cook on), how they build nests every night before bed, she is completely infatuated with the Chimpanzees.
It makes me wonder whether Rory will one day become a scientist and study animals.   It's so neat for me to see how she much loves animals.  Although I don’t really like her watching a lot of TV, I don’t really mind her watching a 30 minuet documentary on chimpanzees.  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fun with Flowers!

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Rory, like most people, loves Friday’s!  Every Friday our friend Katy comes over to play!   If you ask Rory about “Friday” or even say the word “Friday” she immediately breaks out in a “Katy” song and then she will wait by the door watching every car that drives by our house eagerly awaiting Katy’s white SUV. They are such great friends.
We always try to do some sort of fun activity with Katy.  So when Katy informed me of a project she thought Rory would like, we immediately started gathering supplies.  This project is a great way to help teach size and colors to your kiddos, it is also fun to do in a big group!
We are painting Water bottle Flowers!
This project so much fun for Rory not only because she loved making the pretty flowers, but also because Katy was doing it with us!   We collected each and every different size of water bottles!  We got several because we knew we would want to make different colors and that we would need enough water bottles for Rory, Katy and myself.  
Materials Needed:
Water bottles
(we used crayons but they are optional)
water for cleaning up!
This activity is extremely easy.  All you do, is dip the bottom of the water bottle (or soda bottle) into the paint and press it onto the paper.  
This is such a great learning activity for kids because you can teach them in so many ways: color, shape, we even worked on numbers!  I would ask Rory to grab the BIG flower bottle, or SMALL flower bottle.  She loved pointing to all the colors and telling Katy which color of flower she was going to make.  I also used this opportunity to get in some number learning exercises: I would ask her to make 3 yellow flowers.  She loved counting the flowers as she slapped the water bottle on the paper.  
Another fun and educational Friday with Katy!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sid Sid Barfed...

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Recent events in the Nauss household has totally consumed Rory’s every waking thought.  We like to go to the grocery store in town that has balloons they hand out for the kids.  The balloons keep Rory occupied through the store, but deflate in less than a day.  Rory normally gets upset if she sees me throw the balloon away, so I keep it around for a while; however, I have to make sure I throw it away because our cats will attack it and try to eat the string.  

One of our cats, Sid (we have three cats: Emmy, the old fat one; Sid, the playful psychotic one; and Smudge, the youngest needy one) got a hold of the balloon and began eating the string attached to the balloon.  He began choking on it in front of Rory, and she became so concerned with what was going on.  He ended up vomiting and Rory was completely mesmerized with it.  She was looking intently and was so confused!  

Sid- the vomit king
I tried to explain it to her and without thinking I said to her, “He is ok, Sid Sid just barfed.”  I should have thought this through , but instead I had some verbal vomit too.  Rory is officially telling everyone about our cat barfing.  It has been the best thing that has happened to her!  She literally wakes up in the morning asking me about Sid’s barf, she then will grab a towel, and search around the house with high hopes to find a pile of puke.  It is so disgusting! 

Yesterday we went to at the store and when a lady came up to Rory to say how cute she was, Rory grew a concerned look on her face and told her, “Sid Sid barfed.”  When we went to our neighbors house, the first thing Rory said to her (again with her extremely concerned face was “Sid Sid barfed.”  She is telling every single person we see about our cat vomiting.  I think people are going to think our whole house is covered in vomit because Rory saw the cat vomit one time.

When I told my sister about this, she said her daughter is exactly the same- extremely curious about gross things.  So...I’m sure the next time you see Rory she will happily scrunch up her little nose and forehead; and say (repeatedly) “Sid Sid Barfed.”  

Monday, July 9, 2012

Blueberry Baby!

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This weekend our family had so much fun!  We did so much, without overdoing it with the extreme heat outside!   One of our activities was something that I had done before with my family (and remember hating), but haven't done in years.  We went blueberry picking, and this time I loved it! 
Many of you may know the blueberries are Rory's favorite foods in the world!   She likes them hot, cold, and frozen.  When Rory won't eat anything on her plate, we always know that she will eat blueberries. 
We drove out at 7 AM, as soon as the blueberry farm opened to try and beat the scorching heat.  Rory started out looking at the trees and then all of the sudden it popped, "There are blueberries everywhere on these trees!" 

She was so excited!  She would yell out, "mama, more blueberries!" or, "dada, more blueberries!"  We hoped that no one came out hoping to have a nice, quiet, relaxing time picking berries, because Rory was so excited and couldn't stop yelling!   
Once Rory figured out that each tree had thousands of blueberries, she didn't want to leave.  The heat wasn't a problem, the only problem Rory had was not being able to eat all of them.  We bought so many, and look forward to going back once Rory eats them all (which could be soon, she has made quite a dent in them already!) 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Photo Friday

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Happy Friday!  I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and a safe weekend!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Festive Strawberries!

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In a past post, I mentioned that I have never made any Fourth of July crafts; which was completely true, my main focus is on the festive holiday food!   Fourth of July always brings me back to my childhood.  I can see the smoke coming from the BBQ, I can smell chlorine from the pool in my hair, and I can taste whatever light refreshing snack my mother would bring out for everyone as a treat before dad was finished with the grill.    
It is going to be extremely hot outside this year, and because of this fact my brain keeps screaming out “freezer cake,” which would be great, but my freezer is already completely packed with ice cream treats.  I thought something light, juicy and sweet would hit the spot- and of course something Rory could help with.  We took a page out of my mom’s book with a “pre-dinner” treat.  We went completely festive...Red, White, and Blue Strawberries!
All you need for these is:
  • Strawberries (I prefer large ones)
  • white chocolate (or melting chocolate)
  • Blue sprinkles
  • wax paper

Because we had multiple things going, I vouched for melting the chocolate in the microwave rather than a traditional double boiler.  I figured this would not only lessen the heat in the house, but it would also be a lot safer since I have an energetic toddler eager to help!  To melt chocolates, I normally use my defrost button and put my microwave on the lowest power level setting it has for 30 seconds.  After 20 seconds, stir it and continue heating until it is all melted. 

Just a warning, the chocolate you just melted is going to be very hot.  Since I didn’t want Rory to burn herself I dipped the strawberry in the chocolate, let it cool for a little bit and then let her dip it in the sprinkles.  Since Rory is extremely impatient, to help her eagerness we discussed colors while I dipped the strawberry and waited for it to cool.  We talked about the RED strawberry and proceeded to talk about other things that are RED, tomatoes, flowers, and Mommy’s hair.  When the strawberry came out after being dipped in the white chocolate we talked about everything WHITE; snow, polar bears, and (how cute is this...) Rory said “kittens.”  Try to dip the strawberry 2/3 of the way into the white chocolate, making sure there is enough red to be seen.

Because we dipped so many strawberries, we talked about other “like” things besides color; we talked about other fruits when Rory watched me dip the strawberries, other sweet treats besides chocolates when we coated the strawberries, and other things that sparkled besides the blue sprinkles.

Once the chocolate has cooled off a bit, but not completely, dip the bottom 1/3 of it in into the blue sprinkles.  Set aside on wax paper and let cool completely.  Keep in the fridge until ready to serve (I set aside a few for Rory, Jon, and myself because I knew they would disappear fast!)

A delicious holiday treat!  Your little one will have fun and learn while making these holiday treats!

Monday, July 2, 2012

New Friends!

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 On our past trip we visited my best friend ever, the fabulous Kelly Jo!  It was Rory's first time meeting her and her wonderful family and they bonded instantly!
 The bond these two had was amazing!  Rory instantly went to Kelly and they became the best of friends.  Although Rory has a tendency to be shy at times, she was not at all shy with Kelly and her family!  It was so neat for me to see the two of them together.   I knew that Rory would love her and her family just as much as we did!
It was wonderful for me to see Kelly Jo....It was even more wonderful to see how much Rory loved her!


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