Monday, July 9, 2012

Blueberry Baby!

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This weekend our family had so much fun!  We did so much, without overdoing it with the extreme heat outside!   One of our activities was something that I had done before with my family (and remember hating), but haven't done in years.  We went blueberry picking, and this time I loved it! 
Many of you may know the blueberries are Rory's favorite foods in the world!   She likes them hot, cold, and frozen.  When Rory won't eat anything on her plate, we always know that she will eat blueberries. 
We drove out at 7 AM, as soon as the blueberry farm opened to try and beat the scorching heat.  Rory started out looking at the trees and then all of the sudden it popped, "There are blueberries everywhere on these trees!" 

She was so excited!  She would yell out, "mama, more blueberries!" or, "dada, more blueberries!"  We hoped that no one came out hoping to have a nice, quiet, relaxing time picking berries, because Rory was so excited and couldn't stop yelling!   
Once Rory figured out that each tree had thousands of blueberries, she didn't want to leave.  The heat wasn't a problem, the only problem Rory had was not being able to eat all of them.  We bought so many, and look forward to going back once Rory eats them all (which could be soon, she has made quite a dent in them already!) 

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