Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Burping baby!

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Once again, Rory has come out of nowhere and surprised me with something new!  The past few days Rory has been doing this new thing where she gets on old baby blanket (and one that she never used, it was actually left over at our house from one of our friends!), she will wrap herself in the blanket  and pretend like she's a baby.

It is nothing less than adorable because she wants to be held and rocked like a baby.  She will fake cry and ask for you to sing her baby songs.  Yesterday, she got her blanked and  all wanted to be a baby.  I thought it would be fun to video tape it for daddy and send it to him at work, so I managed to get this on video!  
She asked me to rock her and then to “burp” her.  I have no idea where that got this from, because she does not watch little babies on TV and Marilyn and Kindof are just stuffed babies, they don’t burp or move or I am not really sure where the burping came!  
Where ever it came from, I went ahead and started to burp her.   All of the sudden she let out a pretend burp, and I could not stop laughing!!! The best part....I got it on film!!! I hope you all love it like I do!   I still cannot stop laughing- and I have already watched it several times!  
What a silly Roro’s!

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