Monday, July 30, 2012

Butterfly House!

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This weekend he took Rory to the butterfly house.  I was really excited to take Rory there because growing up my mother would always want to go to the butterfly house.  On occasion she would manage to get all four of us girls there and although she absolutely loved it, at the time (being a teenager) I was way too cool for the butterfly house!  Of course, now I love it and wish I would've appreciated it more back then! 

This weekend was different, I loved going to see the butterflies!   The delight on Rory’s face watching the butterflies flutter around was priceless!  As she watched them she would say, “Flutter, Flutter, Flutter!” and sign “butterfly.”   Her eyes would go from one butterfly to the next, watching them fly from flower to flower!  She wanted, so badly, to catch them!  She would reach out her little hand and say, “Mama, hold butterfly,”  which was adorable!  She would reach out her little hand in hopes that one would land on it.  She never caught one, but sure had fun trying!

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