Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coke Zero!

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Rory’s intelligence always amazes me!  She is she is such a smart and beautiful girl.   I strongly believe that, as a stay at home mother, I am her first teacher.  We try to make every activity a learning activity, and then at night she gets to have independent time.  Sometime she surprises me with how brilliant she is!   She will do a little something here, or little thing there that just makes me smile and also makes my jaw drop to know how much she is absorbing every little thing we do!

 The other day on the other day was no exception!  We were driving with our friend Katy and were stopped at a stoplight.  Across from us was a red Coca-Cola truck.  Rory immediately she started saying, “dada’s  soda, dada’s soda.”  

Katy and I weren’t sure what she was talking about!   There were no soda’s in our car, and Jon was nowhere to be seen.  Then I looked back at her and she she pointed to the Coca-Cola truck.  Katy and I both burst out laughing!  It made our day. 

 It was so incredible that Rory is smart enough to relate a Coke zero can that she sees her dad drink at our house, to a Coca-Cola truck out on the street.  Little things she does just, like this, amaze me and inspire me to be a better mother and teacher for her.  It also makes me wonder truck if my husband I drink too much Coke Zero!

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