Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fun with Flowers!

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Rory, like most people, loves Friday’s!  Every Friday our friend Katy comes over to play!   If you ask Rory about “Friday” or even say the word “Friday” she immediately breaks out in a “Katy” song and then she will wait by the door watching every car that drives by our house eagerly awaiting Katy’s white SUV. They are such great friends.
We always try to do some sort of fun activity with Katy.  So when Katy informed me of a project she thought Rory would like, we immediately started gathering supplies.  This project is a great way to help teach size and colors to your kiddos, it is also fun to do in a big group!
We are painting Water bottle Flowers!
This project so much fun for Rory not only because she loved making the pretty flowers, but also because Katy was doing it with us!   We collected each and every different size of water bottles!  We got several because we knew we would want to make different colors and that we would need enough water bottles for Rory, Katy and myself.  
Materials Needed:
Water bottles
(we used crayons but they are optional)
water for cleaning up!
This activity is extremely easy.  All you do, is dip the bottom of the water bottle (or soda bottle) into the paint and press it onto the paper.  
This is such a great learning activity for kids because you can teach them in so many ways: color, shape, we even worked on numbers!  I would ask Rory to grab the BIG flower bottle, or SMALL flower bottle.  She loved pointing to all the colors and telling Katy which color of flower she was going to make.  I also used this opportunity to get in some number learning exercises: I would ask her to make 3 yellow flowers.  She loved counting the flowers as she slapped the water bottle on the paper.  
Another fun and educational Friday with Katy!

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