Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hand Foot and Mouth...STILL!

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Many of you may have read my posts from a while ago when Rory had hand, foot and mouth disease It truly was the worst time of my life! She had blisters in her mouth, in her diaper area, and on her feet.  They were so bad that she would not sleep, she wouldn't eat, and she really just wanted to cry.  

Although it has been gone for a month or so, she still getting side effects from it!  She has blister “scars” on her feet and her “big” toe nail and one of her finger nails are falling off.   I tried to get a decent picture; however it was really difficult with Rory never wanting to sit still!   the big toenail is the worst, we have managed to clip the fingernail, but the toe nail has decided to fall off and then re-grow mid nail!  I have tried to clip it but it must be pretty sensitive because every to every time I try she gets a little awfully squeemish.  

For right now, we just keep it on.  I don't really want to hurt her by cliping it. I just think it is completely insane that this has been gone for months and she still getting these side effects!  Apparently this is pretty normal, other moms with children who had hand foot and mouth have had the same thing happened to them.  Poor Rory!

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