Thursday, July 19, 2012

Master Door Opener!

Pin It Nothing is safe in our house anymore....nothing.
Rory can open doors.  She has been trying for a while and would get them every now and then, but now it has become second nature to her.   She's stealthy too, you can't even hear the doors open!

This normally wouldn't be a problem but now when she has her "pre-wake" in the morning (she will wake up 45 min or so before she gets out of bed and play with her babies and sing etc...) she just comes out and opens the door.

Yesterday she was up at 5:30am.  I was working out and almost peed my pants a little bit when I heard the "mama's" come from downstairs.

So now I dont' know what to do....some of our doors have locks on them, which obviously will need to be taken out, but what do we do with Rory who will wake up 30 minutes into her afternoon nap and just open the door to play?

....any tips or suggestions???

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