Thursday, July 12, 2012

Monkey Love!

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Many of you may know that like most America Families, we do have a TV in the house; however, it is not plugged in and we do not have a converter box or cable.  It is an older TV upstairs that we just haven't done anything with.   It is not that we don't like TV, we do, we actually bought a fancy flat screen LCD TV, but after we got it out of the box, we  ended up taking it back.  We realized that we would spending too much time watching it instead of enjoying each others company, reading the books, playing games, and spending time with our soon to be baby (Rory was still in my belly).   Since Rory was born, we have really enjoyed spending family time together at night, and still haven’t gotten a TV, or hooked up the one we have.  
A long time ago, when we were first married, Jon got for me a nature documentary DVD set about animals.  It has chimpanzees, horses, dogs, birds, brown bears, and panda bears.  When daddy was working late a while ago, Rory was extremely fussy and was having major temper tantrums.  In order to keep my sanity, I was trying anything and everything, so I took her upstairs put in, “Chimpanzees with Jane Goodall,” DVD.  Little did I know, it would become her most favorite thing.  
Now, almost every day Rory asks to go upstairs so she can watch the monkeys.   When we watch them we do whatever they do, we walk like monkeys, talk like monkeys, eat like monkeys etc...  
Rory knows everything about the chimpanzees of Africa; she knows all about the termites they eat, how they probe for the termites, she will talk about how the monkeys lick rocks (that the villages cook on), how they build nests every night before bed, she is completely infatuated with the Chimpanzees.
It makes me wonder whether Rory will one day become a scientist and study animals.   It's so neat for me to see how she much loves animals.  Although I don’t really like her watching a lot of TV, I don’t really mind her watching a 30 minuet documentary on chimpanzees.  

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