Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sid Sid Barfed...

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Recent events in the Nauss household has totally consumed Rory’s every waking thought.  We like to go to the grocery store in town that has balloons they hand out for the kids.  The balloons keep Rory occupied through the store, but deflate in less than a day.  Rory normally gets upset if she sees me throw the balloon away, so I keep it around for a while; however, I have to make sure I throw it away because our cats will attack it and try to eat the string.  

One of our cats, Sid (we have three cats: Emmy, the old fat one; Sid, the playful psychotic one; and Smudge, the youngest needy one) got a hold of the balloon and began eating the string attached to the balloon.  He began choking on it in front of Rory, and she became so concerned with what was going on.  He ended up vomiting and Rory was completely mesmerized with it.  She was looking intently and was so confused!  

Sid- the vomit king
I tried to explain it to her and without thinking I said to her, “He is ok, Sid Sid just barfed.”  I should have thought this through , but instead I had some verbal vomit too.  Rory is officially telling everyone about our cat barfing.  It has been the best thing that has happened to her!  She literally wakes up in the morning asking me about Sid’s barf, she then will grab a towel, and search around the house with high hopes to find a pile of puke.  It is so disgusting! 

Yesterday we went to at the store and when a lady came up to Rory to say how cute she was, Rory grew a concerned look on her face and told her, “Sid Sid barfed.”  When we went to our neighbors house, the first thing Rory said to her (again with her extremely concerned face was “Sid Sid barfed.”  She is telling every single person we see about our cat vomiting.  I think people are going to think our whole house is covered in vomit because Rory saw the cat vomit one time.

When I told my sister about this, she said her daughter is exactly the same- extremely curious about gross things.  So...I’m sure the next time you see Rory she will happily scrunch up her little nose and forehead; and say (repeatedly) “Sid Sid Barfed.”  


  1. I sounds like she really cares about the cate.

  2. Oh my gosh! This totally cracks me up! We have 3 cats and one barfs several times a week. She would have fun over here. lol



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