Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Walking the Dogs!

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One of Rory's new favorite things to do is to walk the dogs!  I love it!  It has become part of our morning routine; we do our stretches, eat our breakfast, dance, and then walk the dogs.

When she is ready, she will ask to take the pups outside to go "potty."  She goes to get their leashes and then we go outside!   She always holds Murphy's leash because Gabe is a bigger dog and pulls a bit, but Murphy stays pretty close to her, and she thinks he listens to her.

Rory may walk more each day than the average adult!  We walk several blocks and sometimes she chooses to run a few blocks.  When the dogs go to the bathroom Rory will cheer for them (just like we cheer for her when she goes potty in the potty chair)!

She then will start singing our "Going for a Walk," song....and her voice is nothing short of angelic.

When I was pregnant I would walk the dogs twice a day.  It is really nice to walk them again, but now its better because of my walking buddy!

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