Friday, August 31, 2012

Photo Friday!

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Playground Fun!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cat Dancing!

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Rory loves to dance!!!  I hope you all got to see my past videos of her beautiful dance moves!  We dance together at least once a day!  My almost 2-year-old knows how to work the iPod, and she has several playlists: her yoga playlist, her “fun songs” playlist, and her dance playlist.  She will ask for some of her favorite songs, which include They Might be Giants’s “Hot Dog,”  The Beatles, “Twist and Shout” and “Just dance” by Lady Gaga.

The only down side of Rory’s dancing, is that sometimes she gets sick of dancing with me, so she has found new dance partners: our cats!  We have three, very tolerable cats.  Don’t worry, the dancing doesn’t hurt the cats at all, and actually the cats have gotten very used to using their back claws.  

Rory has seen me dance with my dog and she wants to do it too.  She will run over to her cats, usually Emmy because she is so fat and so tolerable, pick them up by their front paws and dance.   Surprisingly, the cats don't always seem to mind, except for Smudge, she would rather be doing anything else in the world then dance with Rory!

It is a lot of fun to watch and of course we intervene whenever Rory gets to be too much, but for right now the cats are very good with Rory, and most of the time love to dance!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Owl handprints

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Another fun hand print project!  The past few months, Rory has been very into birds.  She loves all kinds of birds; ducks, flamingos, roosters, eagles, and owls.    Owls are one of Rory’s new favorite animals, she has a book called; “Say Hello to the Snowy Animals,” that she loves.  One of the pages has a snowy owls and it is Rory’s favorite page  

Materials Needed:
Paints (we used brown)
Orange, White, Black and green paints or construction paper (for beaks, feet, eyes, trees and leaves)
Black marker for eyes
Glue, if you plan on using paper to make trees, leaves, and eyes

A reminder for when you make the owls, keep in mind that your handprint will be upside-down, or your fingertips will be the owls tails, just to keep in mind for spacing when you make your handprints.  Rory and I decided to do several owls, some with just her handprint and some with her handprint and my handprint together.  

To make the owls, slather some brown paint on your hand.  Keeping your fingers together place your hand on a piece of white paper.  From here you can either let it dry or paint some trees and eyes; Rory and I let them dry.   

While they were drying we made eyes, feet, beaks and trees out of construction paper.  We cut out circles with white paper and Rory (with my help) drew circles in the eyes for the pupils.  Out of orange construction paper, we cut out some triangle beaks and feet.  Lastly, we cut some random strips of black paper to make trees and finished with some green leaves.

When the owls were completely dry we glued the eyes and noses on them.  Next, we glued some trees.  We made one tall tree trunk and put branches slightly underneath where the base of your hand meets your fingers.  Lastly, we added feet and placed them slightly on top of the tree branches.  

We added some stars and drew in a moon, and now whenever Rory sees her owls she says, “Momma’s owl, Rory’s owl, whooo, whoooo.” 

We sent these to our Aunt Lauren and she loved them!  She posted a picture on my facebook wall!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's hard being Rory's mom!

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Today I went to a local grocery store, "Farm Fresh," which I normally don't shop at for several reasons; mainly, I think they are very overpriced, and their produce never looks good.   Now I have another reason to never shop there, their employees.

We were running low on grapes, which is currently Rory's favorite foods to eat.  There is a farm fresh about 2 miles from my house and it had grapes on sale, so I decided to grin and bear it.  I thought we could make a fun trip out of it, going to the store for grapes, finding a new playground and making a fun morning out of it.

We got there, and quickly got the grapes so we could go and play.  They have the "express" check-out lanes, so we went to one of them when my encounter happened.

I was waiting in line when I heard the check out lady say to the man in front of me, "Its sad what parents make their kids wear these days."  I figured she was talking about someone else, but then it was my turn to buy my grapes the lady looked right at me and said thinks the shoes are over the top and are probably hurting her leg.

I was having a really good morning so I didn't want to ruin it.  I explained to her how Rory's leg doesn't grow....gave her the routine  but it didn't work.  She said it again, "I am sure the shoe is hurting her leg, and it looks like she's living in the 70's."

I explained how they DON'T hurt her leg, how eventually her legs will be the same length after we go to her doctor for her surgeries, but it did no good.  I then got, "Well I bet that's nice going to Florida."  Without being to rude, I explained to her how I have ever seen Florida outside of her doctor's office and our hotel room. And then I left before I started breaking out in hives.

Perhaps I am more sensitive with this upcoming surgery, but I went in the car and cried.  I have no idea what was wrong with that woman!!!  I wanted to go back in there and tell her what I really thought of her, but I kept thinking how I am now an example for Rory.  

This face makes me smile!
I was so mad!!!  The only thing that made it better, was the playground!

Monday, August 27, 2012

New Shoe Doctor!

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Yesterday we met with a new shoe doctor (or prosthetic doctor).  We were being referred to one doctor and company who makes Rory’s shoes because of insurance.  We have been extremely unhappy with this company; the poor quality of the shoes, the time it takes to make the shoes, and the integrity of the company (since they made an obvious large cut in the “shoe” part and still gave them to us without informing us of the problem...doesn’t seem that big of a deal but when you need shoes with extremely sturdy sides its a huge deal), and since insurance doesn’t pay for Rory’s shoes (they say her shoes are cosmetic, so they don’t pay a dime).  So, I decided to branch out on my own and find a new doctor.  

Who knew the Dr's office could be so much fun- there were so many gloves!
This new doctor was a completely new experience for me!  The facility was beautiful and clean, and the staff was helpful....It was a good start!  We then met with Rory’s doctor and he was incredible.  Her doctor measured her femur and her tibia/ fibula and the circumference of her leg.   He even let Rory play with his tape measure, which she loved.

The best part of the visit was when he asked me about her shoes.  He informed me of a company that was created by parents of children who needed shoe lifts.  The shoes are pretty expensive but are completely incredible

The shoes are specially designed with harder sides, to reduce in the ankle rolling (which her ankle rolling and falling seem to be worse than ever lately, I am not sure if it is because she is so wild or if it is because she needs a new lift.)  They are even able to be made to where the lift is in the “shoe” part rather than the big sole.  So, it will still not look like a normal shoe, but it wont look as big and clunky (and hopefully reduce some stares).  

The shoes are sold singly, because often times one of the feet can be different sizes, for example Rory’s little right leg also has a small foot.  The only other place that I know that will sell you one shoe at a time is Nordstrum.  They are about $60-$80 per shoe but (and this is where I start jumping up and down), her new doctor said that they have worked with insurance before to help them cover the shoes, and they will continue to work with us until we get the shoes we need for Rory.   This is a huge deal, because this is what I was doing for the longest time with insurance.  I am pretty sure insurance companies will listen more to a doctor than to a mother.  

What more could I ask for?  A doctor who shows us the best shoes for our child.  A doctor who is willing to fight the insurance company's claim that our shoes are “cosmetic,” a doctor that is good with my child, and a clean facility with a helpful staff.  Ill take it! Thank you Progressive Prosthetic and Orthopedics!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Photo Friday!

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Out with Mama! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Preparing Rory for Surgery....part 1

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As we are getting ready for the surgery we are trying to prepare Rory as much as possible.  I know there isn’t a good way to prepare a two year old, she isn’t going to know what is going on.  She is going to go on an airplane, go to a hospital, get poked and prodded, take a nap for 7-9 hours, wake up in pain and in a body cast, and be extremely fussy that she can’t move.  It is all going to be very confusing for her.  So I am trying to do little things to help with everything.  

making her legs even- she will stack up her letter puzzles till she finds the right height.  Often times she will say "still small" and have to build it with more letters.

getting more letters
"2 Flat Feet, Mama!"

We spend time talking about her leg.  She knows which one is her little leg and which one is her big leg.  I will tell her that we are going to the doctor to get it worked on.  I have been telling her that it will hurt a little bit but she needs to be strong.  Usually when she does this, she will show me her muscles too!  
Rory: "Being Strong"
Another way I am preparing her is showing her pictures of Dr. Paley.  Rory loves to look at my phone, and as much as I try not to let her play with my phone, I will often give it to her if she is acting crazy or if she is trying to get out of her car seat in the car.  She will scroll through my photos and look at them pointing everyone out.  

It may sound completely creepy, but I downloaded some pictures of Dr. Paley online and put them on my phone.  There are the typical smiling shots of him and then several of him helping kids.  We have started looking at them together and when she sees them we said, “There is your doctor, Rory, he is a nice man.”  Now every time Rory scrolls through my phone she will say, “Thats my doctor.  Working on my little leg.  What a nice man.”

I don't know if it helps or not, but she will be seeing a lot of him and is not that good with strangers, so we are trying it.  Although, she also knows that her little leg will be getting “worked on,” I don’t think she knows exactly what is going to happen. Hopefully it will calm her down a bit!  I guess I will try anything to help prepare her! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Temper Tantrums!

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The temper tantrums are upon us!   Rory officially goes into full blown, “I don't know how to control my anger, so I am going to hit you in the face” tantrums.   They started a while ago but recently have been more frequent and more explosive.  I know when they are coming because I can see the look brewing in her face.  She is quite a stubborn child!

It is clear that Rory just doesn’t really know how to control herself and her feelings yet.   She will get so upset and yell.  At this point I tell her to try and calm down a bit, I will ask her if she needs to go to her room and calm down.  Sometimes she does go to her room, sometimes she will grab a pacy and her baby and calm herself down, but other times she will be too flustered to go to her room.  

The beginning of a tantrum

I have been trying to make her stand in the corner till she calms down.  She HATES sitting in the corner.  A lot of time it works though, it helps her calm down thought.  I do think that calming down is the name of the game.  She is upset and knows she has done something bad, but she is still not even 2 yet, so she knows what she is doing but she is not sure why.  

I am not into the spanking or anything, but I do think I need to do something when this happens.  It is hard when your little ones are so young!  I have also gone back and forth with the forced apologies.  I want her to be used to saying it, but she doesn’t know what it means yet.  

So....I’m torn!  Currently, she is calming down quite well, except she needs a pacy, which I am trying to break the pacy habit.  I think I have gotten them pretty well under control, however, they are still rather rough!  I would love to hear suggestions about what works for other families!   

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dance Dance!

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Rory's new favorite thing to do is dance.  It is also my new favorite thing to watch!  I am not sure where she picks these “routines” up from, but they are northing short of fabulous.  I could literally watch her dance all day!  She acts like she is on stage dancing in front of a packed theater. 

There is no proper way to describe how amazing these dance routines really are! Rory does leg lifts, kicks, she will roll on the floor and pirouette’s.  (The video’s do not do her justice!) 

There is nothing I love more then watching Rory randomly break out in a dance routine!  She did some this past week in the airport and also on the beach!   She excels at lifting her leg in the air because she is so used to walking on one foot.  She goes on and on and I love it SO MUCH!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Guest Bloggers...???.

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I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a guest blog piece for Rory's website?  Although this site is mainly about Rory and her CFD, your posts can be about almost anything!   We often write about anything child related, crafts, foods, playtime, anything.  I also think it would be really fun to get other moms of special needs children to talk about their everyday life.  I would love to have anyone help out with the blog, so if you are interested, or if you know someone that is interested please let me know!

Until Tomorrow- here is a fun picture of my special Rory! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Photo Friday!

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A big smile on the beautiful beaches of La Jolla!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Beautiful Beaches of La Jolla

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In San Diego, we also visited the beautiful La Jolla Beaches.  We heard about these from a few locals, they mainly told us about the seals that live there.  The seals come and lay on the rocks along the beach and swim close to the people.  We knew we had to go to show Rory the seals, since she loves to make seal noises.

The beaches were exceptionally breath taking!  And everyone was right, there were seals everywhere!  Rory and I were making seal noises all day!  I actually overheard someone saying that there weren’t many out in the summer and that their are more seals out in the winter.  We loved it- and the beach scenery was nothing short of amazing.

The seals came right up to the swimmers
One issue we had here (and all through out our trip) were Rory's shoes.  Although the weather was beautiful, (literally it was perfect weather!) my little Bug's little feet still got hot and sweaty. I also think it is hard for her to lug around her lift for so long.  

It is hard walking in these shoes!
Whatever the reason; the hot feet or the heavy lift, we frequently had to stop whatever we were doing because she would rip off her shoes and socks.  She didn't just do this at La Jolla either- she also did it at the zoo, beach, in the car, restaurants all over San Diego.

La Jolla is perfect for anyone who wants to take off their shoes, the grass was soft and spongy almost like it was AstroTurf.  So we all embraced the bare feet, we found a nice grassy area and did our own thing!  We danced, did cartwheels and handstands and chased birds and had quite a fun day!    
playing without shoes!

who doesn't love to chase birds!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

San Diego Zoo!

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During our trip to San Diego, we were fortunate enough to the world-famous San Diego Zoo.  I do not expect this zoo to be as large and as amazing as it was!  Because of the enormity of this zoo.  We left the zoo without even getting to see all the animals, but we left on a happy note (often when Rory gets completely overwhelmed she will get extremely fussy!).

One of the things that we did not bring on our trip was a stroller.  Rory normally doesn’t like riding in strollers, she will ride for about 10 minuets or so and then will want to get out and usually push the stroller or be held.  When Rory travels she will often get very clingy, and this trip was no different: the whole time all she wanted was for me to hold her.  We decided early on that a stroller was a necessity, so we happily paid the $11 for a rental, and even though she didn’t ride in it the whole time, she rode in it a little bit.  Renting the stroller was probably the smartest decision we made that day!
Stroller Baby!

Although Rory loves most animals, she had a few specific favorites at the zoo.  She loved seeing the polar bears and hippos.  She also really liked the African Wild Dogs.  I think she liked the wild dogs because when we saw them, they were sleeping, and she would say “Good Morning” (in a high pitched voice) and their little heads would pop up with their perky ears.  Shortly they would go back to sleep and she would say “Good morning” again so she could see their heads pop up.
African Wild Dogs

I actually thought she would enjoy the monkeys more than she did, because she loves watching her DVD of chimpanzees.  However, the monkeys were just kind of a sideshow, not the best but not the worst.  Rory also loved seeing the kangaroos and Koala bears.  The koalas were huge hit, since she has only seen pictures of them, the only problem was that they were sleeping in trees and a bit hard for Rory to see, but once she saw them she really liked them. 

What was funny was that Rory’s other favorite animals were the animals she gets to see almost every day.  She loved seeing the turtles, snakes, lizards, and fish!  Out of all the exotic creatures we saw she wanted more turtles and snakes!  In the children’s area of the zoo they had a petting area, and Rory really enjoyed petting the goats.   We had such a fun trip to the zoo!  I still can not believe how vast this Zoo actually is, and I cannot wait to go back so we can see the rest of it!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Best part of San Diego!

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This past week, Rory and I were fortunate enough to accompany Jon (who had to travel for work) to San Diego.     We had such a great time!  We went to the the Zoo, Sea World, the La Jolla beach, and the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center; all of which were amazing (and all of which I will blog about in the future), however the highlight of our trip was meeting Amaya and her wonderful family.  

Best Buds!

Amaya is a beautiful girl who has CFD/PFFD, the same condition as Rory.  I was fortunate enough to find Martha through her blog about Amaya’s journey with CFD/PFFD, and we have been e-mailing every since.  Of course, I probably drove her insane asking more questions than I should about Amaya and how she's dealt with having a child with this extremely rare condition.   

Wheelchair Rides!

I knew they lived in California, so when I told her that we are going to be in San Diego, I asked if they wanted to meet up with us.  They lived about two hours away, but to my surprise they drove up and met us which was just such a blessing!  We were fortunate enough to meet Amaya, her beautiful sister Lidie, their mother Martha, and her husband Josh.  Meeting this family was like a breath of fresh air!  

Instant Friends!

I am not sure if they will every know how much of an impact they made on our life.  We met them at a park, moved to the Science Center, and then had dinner together and a nice walk.  When we met them,  Amaya had a little gift basket for Rory, it was so sweet!  She knew through Rory’s blog that we love to do art projects, so the bag had crayons, markers, a holder for her colors, paints, and a book for Rory to bring down for her surgery and color in.  It was the perfect gift!  I did not notice it at the time, but when we came back from San Diego, Rory and I noticed that Amaya wrote a little message for Rory in it.   It literally brought tears in my eyes.
Love this picture! 
Hugs for Martha!
The bond of these three girls had was amazing!   They immediately became instant friends.  Rory was so comfortable with Amaya she rode in her wheelchair.  Rory was quite curious about her fixator too,and Amaya was so good at letting Rory touch it!   It was really need to watch them interact.   Rory wanted to do whatever Lidie did too, she watched the “big kids” studying their every move.
The fixator does NOT hold her back!

Watching the big kids play on the playground

Rory's has to try!
Meeting this wonderful family was extremely beneficial for Jon and myself as well.   You can't really mentally prepare enough for your child to go into a surgery, so to actually sit down, talk, and share my fears and concerns with another woman who has been down the exact same road as me, was completely priceless!
Silly Faces!

Although it was the first time we had ever met in person, there were no awkward pauses or lack of conversation.   We learned how similar our families really are, starting with the discrepancy and ending with us all being vegetarians.  (Which was fabulous when we went out to dinner with because we all knew we wanted to eat at a vegetarian restaurant!)  It was such a great time!   As I said before; meeting this family and seeing Amaya with her fixator, hearing stories from Josh and Martha about their journey, and watching Lidie’s  face light up with a huge smile, made our trip!

It looks like there is a little good in everything....CFD/PFFD brought our families together, and I know that we will be life long friends. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Why it takes so long to feed Murphy!

Pin It I am so excited to blog about our trip to San Diego....however this happened the other day and I had to post it!

Rory really loves feeding Murphy.  I am always a little leery with anyone messing with animal's food.  Animals are so unpredictable, especially when you are playing with your food.  I normally wouldn't let Rory play with Murphy's food, but Murphy loves it!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Photo Friday!

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She will now say, "cuddle me!"

Thursday, August 9, 2012

No Sew No Glue Homemade Tutu!

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Whenever we go out to the mall or playground Rory and I will see little girls wearing cute little tutu skirts.  They are completely adorable and, in my opinion, completely overpriced!  I have looked at buying some for Rory, and have seen them on sale for about $20- $30.  I have a hard time spending that much money on clothes for myself, let alone on something that my daughter is going to out grow in a few months!  I also know that those tutu’s are extremely easy to make, so today we have decided to make our own!

 This is so easy because you do not have to sew anything: no sewing, no gluing, nothing!   All you need is some scrap material, a stretchy headband, and a pair of scissors.   I used some ribbon along with the fabric just to get a little shine and little bit of texture.  This project is so simple you can complete it in around 10 minutes and have your child dancing around in no time.   Also, it has minimal clean up, a wonderful bonus to any project!  

One word of warning, please be careful with your child and the scissors.   Since I panic at the thought of Rory being in the same room as scissors, I let her dance around with all of the ribbon and extra fabric while I did all of the cutting.   I cut everything all at once that way she wouldn't be tempted to play with scissors while we made the tutu.  When you cut the fabric you will be folding it in half and wrapping it around the headband, so make sure you cut the strips long enough.  I cut everything in different sizes too, just to make everything look more wild!

To assemble the skirt, fold the fabric strips in half.  Put the loops of the fabric on the headband and bring the bottoms of the fabric in the loop to make a “slip knot.”  Keep the tension rather loose on the headband, because it will have to stretch to get on your child's waist.  Keep adding as much fabric as you would like!  Have fun with it: tie them randomly, make different patterns, have fun with it! 

Another reason why I used different kinds of textures and fabrics is for teaching Rory about the different colors, the soft fabric, the long fabric, etc... Rory is such a good helper so she enjoyed grabbing the fabric for me. 

She could hardly wait for me to finish before she could put it on.  As soon as we finished, we went downstairs, blasted our music (her favorite is the Beatles “Twist and Shout”) and we danced, and danced. and danced. I only hope I can find a headband big enough for me to make a matching tutu!   

Milk Lady!

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Rory has an intense love for milk.  It was the very first sign she ever learned, and is all she every wants to drink.  We buy around 2 gallons of milk a week and Rory usually drinks at least one and a half!  She will be outside running all over the playground and will refuse any juice or water and only want the milk.  It is strange!

I don’t mind her drinking so much milk, because she is such a picky eater and so extremely active, I always worry about her caloric intake, and I think the whole milk really helps.  I would like for her to drink something else though.  

When we took our trip to the mid west, we did get her juice boxes and she liked them.  My only issues with juice boxes is the amount of sugar in them.  I like to make sure everything Rory consumes is healthy and she is not living off twinkles, so when I buy her juice I water it down 50% water and 50% juice.  So I am not too big on juice boxes.  

Currently, milk is her drink of choice....I will continue to give her options of other things to drink, but until then our milk budget will be high!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups!

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I am a huge foodie!!!  I love to cook and bake as much as possible!  Often times my husband has to give sweet treats away at his work because we can not finish eating all the baked goodies in our house!  The only problem... is that it's hard to bake with a toddler. I have quickly learned that Rory is just like her mom and her aunts; she loves to pick at dough!  However, if the batter has any egg product, it's not going to touch Rory’s mouth.  So today, I was thinking of doing a “no-bake-sweet treat (yet not all complete sugar) that Rory could help with, and what is better than a Peanut Butter Cup!
For the peanut butter cup you will need: 
  • 2 cups Peanut butter *
  • 1/3 cup butter
  • 3 cups rice krispies cereal
  • 4 cups of Powdered sugar
  • cookie sheet with waxed paper
  • freezer
  • candy melts or Chocolate chips (for this recipe I used one bag of vanilla candy melts since my husband doesn't like chocolate and one bag of dark chocolate chips, since I love it!). 
  • device to help you dip the balls (we used left over skewers from our grill nights) but candy dipping spoons work wonderfully too!

* I decided to use homemade peanut butter for this recipe- you can use store bought if you like, it works just as good; however, I watch Rory’s sugar intake closely.  To make your own homemade peanut butter, just take a jar of peanuts and put it into a food processor and grind it. I added a little peanut oil at times because it does get a little thick. But that is it!
First, we had to wash hands.  Rory knows before we cook anything we have to wash hands, and her hand washing process normally takes about 15 minutes!   After the hand washing was done, we melted the butter in the microwave and added in the peanut butter.   I made sure to let Rory know that the butter was hot and to ONLY stir with the spoon only.  To help get her mind off sticking her hands in the bowl and eating a whole handful of dough, we made a game out of stirring;  we decided to stir in circles, then stir in straight lines, and finally we stirred in she shape of squares.  Rory loved going crazy with the spoon!   We also discussed texture when we made these.  We talked about the SMOOTH peanut butter while we stirred.
Once the peanut butter and butter was smoothly stirred together we got out the rolling pin an crushed the rice krispies.  We talked about the CRUNCHY krispies again reinforcing texture.  Rory loved crushing the krispies!  We played around with the rolling pin, going forward and back and then rolling side to side.  Once they were crushed nicely, we added them to our butter mixture and also added the powdered sugar and mixed.  
Once it is well mixed you get to form the balls!  This was by far Rory’s favorite part because she could sneak a pick in her mouth, and did so frequently!  We mostly made circles, but on occasion Rory would want to make ovals or squares.  Once all the balls were formed, we “put them to sleep,” or let them chill in the fridge for a few hours.  We sang them sleeping songs and checked on them to make sure they were sleeping soundly.
When you are ready to dip be very careful with your toddler, the chocolate gets very hot!   I melted the chocolate in the microwave, but you can always use a double boiler.  If you are using a bag of chocolate chips you may want to add a tablespoon of shortening to help thin it out a bit.  Just dip the balls in the chocolate and take them out making sure they are completely covered in the chocolate.  
Then you can decorate them!  Rory loved dumping sprinkles on them, and we tried to make them look like eggs!  We then talked about the SMOOTH eggs, adn the colors of the sprinkles we put on them.  
For more fun activities go to Rory’s blog!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rory's Leg Dimple

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The other day, I met another woman who stopped me in the store and inquired about Rory’s shoe.  Many of you know my feelings about people asking questions about Rory’s condition: I WELCOME them!  I would much rather have someone ask me about it than just stare at her (which is normally what happens).
I began my normal explanation to the lady; her condition, what it was, and of course: handed her one of our business cards.  She seemed more interested and concerned than most people we encounter.   She then informed me about her concerns with her newborn son, and how she believed that one of his limbs was smaller than the other.  Her main question was, how I found out that Rory had Congenital Femoral Deficiency (CFD).  
We found out during her 5 month ultrasound.  The doctors had already noticed her right leg being significantly shorter than her left.  The doctors did not know that she had CFD, it is a 1 in 500,000 discrepancy and extremely rare, so the doctors didn’t suggest her condition could be CFD until a few weeks before Rory was born.  Although her discrepancy is more mild than other children that have CFD, it was still big enough for our doctors to discover at her 5 month ultrasound.  
The lady informed me that she did not think her son’s discrepancy was nearly as significant as Rory’s, but that she still had concerns.  I then shared some characteristics of Rory’s leg so she could go home and look at her son.  
On characteristic is on her right leg, the smaller leg, there is an indentation, almost like a large dimple.  I have had contact with other mothers whose children have CFD/PFFD (the best part of going to Rory’s doctor is meeting other mother’s who have children like Rory!) and their children all have dimples in their leg as well.  Rory’s dimple is a little larger than a cellulite dimple and is always visible (unlike cellulite that can only show up when someone is sitting).  
When I asked her doctor about this “leg dimple,” he informed me that when there is a dimple visible on the skin, it is a sign that there is an imperfection under the skin.  It is just another indicator that her right femur is irregular (medically, they use the word deformed, but I strongly dislike that word!).   Although getting an x-ray is probably the best way to see if your child has a limb discrepancy, the dimple on top of the skin is a small indicator that can help inform a mother that there is something going on under the skin.  
I hope this can help a few mothers out there, please know that you can always email me if anyone has any questions on identifying limb discrepancies, although I am not an expert, I know enough and am a great listener!  

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