Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cat Dancing!

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Rory loves to dance!!!  I hope you all got to see my past videos of her beautiful dance moves!  We dance together at least once a day!  My almost 2-year-old knows how to work the iPod, and she has several playlists: her yoga playlist, her “fun songs” playlist, and her dance playlist.  She will ask for some of her favorite songs, which include They Might be Giants’s “Hot Dog,”  The Beatles, “Twist and Shout” and “Just dance” by Lady Gaga.

The only down side of Rory’s dancing, is that sometimes she gets sick of dancing with me, so she has found new dance partners: our cats!  We have three, very tolerable cats.  Don’t worry, the dancing doesn’t hurt the cats at all, and actually the cats have gotten very used to using their back claws.  

Rory has seen me dance with my dog and she wants to do it too.  She will run over to her cats, usually Emmy because she is so fat and so tolerable, pick them up by their front paws and dance.   Surprisingly, the cats don't always seem to mind, except for Smudge, she would rather be doing anything else in the world then dance with Rory!

It is a lot of fun to watch and of course we intervene whenever Rory gets to be too much, but for right now the cats are very good with Rory, and most of the time love to dance!

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