Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dance Dance!

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Rory's new favorite thing to do is dance.  It is also my new favorite thing to watch!  I am not sure where she picks these “routines” up from, but they are northing short of fabulous.  I could literally watch her dance all day!  She acts like she is on stage dancing in front of a packed theater. 

There is no proper way to describe how amazing these dance routines really are! Rory does leg lifts, kicks, she will roll on the floor and pirouette’s.  (The video’s do not do her justice!) 

There is nothing I love more then watching Rory randomly break out in a dance routine!  She did some this past week in the airport and also on the beach!   She excels at lifting her leg in the air because she is so used to walking on one foot.  She goes on and on and I love it SO MUCH!



  1. Bravo! So lovely to see her enjoying her dancing so much. My 6yr old love to dance too.



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