Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's hard being Rory's mom!

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Today I went to a local grocery store, "Farm Fresh," which I normally don't shop at for several reasons; mainly, I think they are very overpriced, and their produce never looks good.   Now I have another reason to never shop there, their employees.

We were running low on grapes, which is currently Rory's favorite foods to eat.  There is a farm fresh about 2 miles from my house and it had grapes on sale, so I decided to grin and bear it.  I thought we could make a fun trip out of it, going to the store for grapes, finding a new playground and making a fun morning out of it.

We got there, and quickly got the grapes so we could go and play.  They have the "express" check-out lanes, so we went to one of them when my encounter happened.

I was waiting in line when I heard the check out lady say to the man in front of me, "Its sad what parents make their kids wear these days."  I figured she was talking about someone else, but then it was my turn to buy my grapes the lady looked right at me and said thinks the shoes are over the top and are probably hurting her leg.

I was having a really good morning so I didn't want to ruin it.  I explained to her how Rory's leg doesn't grow....gave her the routine  but it didn't work.  She said it again, "I am sure the shoe is hurting her leg, and it looks like she's living in the 70's."

I explained how they DON'T hurt her leg, how eventually her legs will be the same length after we go to her doctor for her surgeries, but it did no good.  I then got, "Well I bet that's nice going to Florida."  Without being to rude, I explained to her how I have ever seen Florida outside of her doctor's office and our hotel room. And then I left before I started breaking out in hives.

Perhaps I am more sensitive with this upcoming surgery, but I went in the car and cried.  I have no idea what was wrong with that woman!!!  I wanted to go back in there and tell her what I really thought of her, but I kept thinking how I am now an example for Rory.  

This face makes me smile!
I was so mad!!!  The only thing that made it better, was the playground!

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