Monday, August 27, 2012

New Shoe Doctor!

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Yesterday we met with a new shoe doctor (or prosthetic doctor).  We were being referred to one doctor and company who makes Rory’s shoes because of insurance.  We have been extremely unhappy with this company; the poor quality of the shoes, the time it takes to make the shoes, and the integrity of the company (since they made an obvious large cut in the “shoe” part and still gave them to us without informing us of the problem...doesn’t seem that big of a deal but when you need shoes with extremely sturdy sides its a huge deal), and since insurance doesn’t pay for Rory’s shoes (they say her shoes are cosmetic, so they don’t pay a dime).  So, I decided to branch out on my own and find a new doctor.  

Who knew the Dr's office could be so much fun- there were so many gloves!
This new doctor was a completely new experience for me!  The facility was beautiful and clean, and the staff was helpful....It was a good start!  We then met with Rory’s doctor and he was incredible.  Her doctor measured her femur and her tibia/ fibula and the circumference of her leg.   He even let Rory play with his tape measure, which she loved.

The best part of the visit was when he asked me about her shoes.  He informed me of a company that was created by parents of children who needed shoe lifts.  The shoes are pretty expensive but are completely incredible

The shoes are specially designed with harder sides, to reduce in the ankle rolling (which her ankle rolling and falling seem to be worse than ever lately, I am not sure if it is because she is so wild or if it is because she needs a new lift.)  They are even able to be made to where the lift is in the “shoe” part rather than the big sole.  So, it will still not look like a normal shoe, but it wont look as big and clunky (and hopefully reduce some stares).  

The shoes are sold singly, because often times one of the feet can be different sizes, for example Rory’s little right leg also has a small foot.  The only other place that I know that will sell you one shoe at a time is Nordstrum.  They are about $60-$80 per shoe but (and this is where I start jumping up and down), her new doctor said that they have worked with insurance before to help them cover the shoes, and they will continue to work with us until we get the shoes we need for Rory.   This is a huge deal, because this is what I was doing for the longest time with insurance.  I am pretty sure insurance companies will listen more to a doctor than to a mother.  

What more could I ask for?  A doctor who shows us the best shoes for our child.  A doctor who is willing to fight the insurance company's claim that our shoes are “cosmetic,” a doctor that is good with my child, and a clean facility with a helpful staff.  Ill take it! Thank you Progressive Prosthetic and Orthopedics!


  1. Good for you! Those shoes are way more than cosmetic. I love how things work out.

    1. It is SO great how things work out! I am really hoping they will help with all her falls she has been recently having!

  2. Yay! So glad you found such a great shoe doctor. (Can't believe how hard some insurance companies can be). xoxo P



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