Thursday, August 9, 2012

No Sew No Glue Homemade Tutu!

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Whenever we go out to the mall or playground Rory and I will see little girls wearing cute little tutu skirts.  They are completely adorable and, in my opinion, completely overpriced!  I have looked at buying some for Rory, and have seen them on sale for about $20- $30.  I have a hard time spending that much money on clothes for myself, let alone on something that my daughter is going to out grow in a few months!  I also know that those tutu’s are extremely easy to make, so today we have decided to make our own!

 This is so easy because you do not have to sew anything: no sewing, no gluing, nothing!   All you need is some scrap material, a stretchy headband, and a pair of scissors.   I used some ribbon along with the fabric just to get a little shine and little bit of texture.  This project is so simple you can complete it in around 10 minutes and have your child dancing around in no time.   Also, it has minimal clean up, a wonderful bonus to any project!  

One word of warning, please be careful with your child and the scissors.   Since I panic at the thought of Rory being in the same room as scissors, I let her dance around with all of the ribbon and extra fabric while I did all of the cutting.   I cut everything all at once that way she wouldn't be tempted to play with scissors while we made the tutu.  When you cut the fabric you will be folding it in half and wrapping it around the headband, so make sure you cut the strips long enough.  I cut everything in different sizes too, just to make everything look more wild!

To assemble the skirt, fold the fabric strips in half.  Put the loops of the fabric on the headband and bring the bottoms of the fabric in the loop to make a “slip knot.”  Keep the tension rather loose on the headband, because it will have to stretch to get on your child's waist.  Keep adding as much fabric as you would like!  Have fun with it: tie them randomly, make different patterns, have fun with it! 

Another reason why I used different kinds of textures and fabrics is for teaching Rory about the different colors, the soft fabric, the long fabric, etc... Rory is such a good helper so she enjoyed grabbing the fabric for me. 

She could hardly wait for me to finish before she could put it on.  As soon as we finished, we went downstairs, blasted our music (her favorite is the Beatles “Twist and Shout”) and we danced, and danced. and danced. I only hope I can find a headband big enough for me to make a matching tutu!   

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