Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Owl handprints

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Another fun hand print project!  The past few months, Rory has been very into birds.  She loves all kinds of birds; ducks, flamingos, roosters, eagles, and owls.    Owls are one of Rory’s new favorite animals, she has a book called; “Say Hello to the Snowy Animals,” that she loves.  One of the pages has a snowy owls and it is Rory’s favorite page  

Materials Needed:
Paints (we used brown)
Orange, White, Black and green paints or construction paper (for beaks, feet, eyes, trees and leaves)
Black marker for eyes
Glue, if you plan on using paper to make trees, leaves, and eyes

A reminder for when you make the owls, keep in mind that your handprint will be upside-down, or your fingertips will be the owls tails, just to keep in mind for spacing when you make your handprints.  Rory and I decided to do several owls, some with just her handprint and some with her handprint and my handprint together.  

To make the owls, slather some brown paint on your hand.  Keeping your fingers together place your hand on a piece of white paper.  From here you can either let it dry or paint some trees and eyes; Rory and I let them dry.   

While they were drying we made eyes, feet, beaks and trees out of construction paper.  We cut out circles with white paper and Rory (with my help) drew circles in the eyes for the pupils.  Out of orange construction paper, we cut out some triangle beaks and feet.  Lastly, we cut some random strips of black paper to make trees and finished with some green leaves.

When the owls were completely dry we glued the eyes and noses on them.  Next, we glued some trees.  We made one tall tree trunk and put branches slightly underneath where the base of your hand meets your fingers.  Lastly, we added feet and placed them slightly on top of the tree branches.  

We added some stars and drew in a moon, and now whenever Rory sees her owls she says, “Momma’s owl, Rory’s owl, whooo, whoooo.” 

We sent these to our Aunt Lauren and she loved them!  She posted a picture on my facebook wall!

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