Monday, August 6, 2012

Pancakes, Pancakes, Oh yeah!

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Many of you know how much our family loves the beach.  Although it does take a lot of time and energy to grab all the gear: towels, lifejackets, toys, food, drinks, chairs, umbrella, etc....  but it (most of the time) is well worth it. 

 Rory has really been enjoying herself lately.  She is still not to fond of the waves crashing on the sand, but loves going farther out in the beach with her Daddy.  Sometimes the waves are too strong and knock me over, so I don’t really like to hold her  even though she has her lifejacket on!  She just loves the waves, she will kick and splash and will get extremely upset when we make her get out! 

Rory now has a new reason to love the beach- lately, daddy has been taking her to get pancakes after our beach outings.  (our outings start around 7am and end around 9 or 10am depending on the heat!)  Rory has never a big eater,  she is amazingly picky and normally ends up sitting in my lap instead of eating; however she loves to eat pancakes!    She even has her own pancake song, “pancakes, pancakes, oh yeah!”  

Jon and I love to go out amongst civilization, and Rory loves to eat pancakes- win win win! 

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