Wednesday, August 15, 2012

San Diego Zoo!

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During our trip to San Diego, we were fortunate enough to the world-famous San Diego Zoo.  I do not expect this zoo to be as large and as amazing as it was!  Because of the enormity of this zoo.  We left the zoo without even getting to see all the animals, but we left on a happy note (often when Rory gets completely overwhelmed she will get extremely fussy!).

One of the things that we did not bring on our trip was a stroller.  Rory normally doesn’t like riding in strollers, she will ride for about 10 minuets or so and then will want to get out and usually push the stroller or be held.  When Rory travels she will often get very clingy, and this trip was no different: the whole time all she wanted was for me to hold her.  We decided early on that a stroller was a necessity, so we happily paid the $11 for a rental, and even though she didn’t ride in it the whole time, she rode in it a little bit.  Renting the stroller was probably the smartest decision we made that day!
Stroller Baby!

Although Rory loves most animals, she had a few specific favorites at the zoo.  She loved seeing the polar bears and hippos.  She also really liked the African Wild Dogs.  I think she liked the wild dogs because when we saw them, they were sleeping, and she would say “Good Morning” (in a high pitched voice) and their little heads would pop up with their perky ears.  Shortly they would go back to sleep and she would say “Good morning” again so she could see their heads pop up.
African Wild Dogs

I actually thought she would enjoy the monkeys more than she did, because she loves watching her DVD of chimpanzees.  However, the monkeys were just kind of a sideshow, not the best but not the worst.  Rory also loved seeing the kangaroos and Koala bears.  The koalas were huge hit, since she has only seen pictures of them, the only problem was that they were sleeping in trees and a bit hard for Rory to see, but once she saw them she really liked them. 

What was funny was that Rory’s other favorite animals were the animals she gets to see almost every day.  She loved seeing the turtles, snakes, lizards, and fish!  Out of all the exotic creatures we saw she wanted more turtles and snakes!  In the children’s area of the zoo they had a petting area, and Rory really enjoyed petting the goats.   We had such a fun trip to the zoo!  I still can not believe how vast this Zoo actually is, and I cannot wait to go back so we can see the rest of it!

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  1. Rory is such a cutey batootey! She looks like she really enjoyed the zoo.

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