Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Temper Tantrums!

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The temper tantrums are upon us!   Rory officially goes into full blown, “I don't know how to control my anger, so I am going to hit you in the face” tantrums.   They started a while ago but recently have been more frequent and more explosive.  I know when they are coming because I can see the look brewing in her face.  She is quite a stubborn child!

It is clear that Rory just doesn’t really know how to control herself and her feelings yet.   She will get so upset and yell.  At this point I tell her to try and calm down a bit, I will ask her if she needs to go to her room and calm down.  Sometimes she does go to her room, sometimes she will grab a pacy and her baby and calm herself down, but other times she will be too flustered to go to her room.  

The beginning of a tantrum

I have been trying to make her stand in the corner till she calms down.  She HATES sitting in the corner.  A lot of time it works though, it helps her calm down thought.  I do think that calming down is the name of the game.  She is upset and knows she has done something bad, but she is still not even 2 yet, so she knows what she is doing but she is not sure why.  

I am not into the spanking or anything, but I do think I need to do something when this happens.  It is hard when your little ones are so young!  I have also gone back and forth with the forced apologies.  I want her to be used to saying it, but she doesn’t know what it means yet.  

So....I’m torn!  Currently, she is calming down quite well, except she needs a pacy, which I am trying to break the pacy habit.  I think I have gotten them pretty well under control, however, they are still rather rough!  I would love to hear suggestions about what works for other families!   

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  1. My Mr 2 year old has quite a temper and his tantrums take a while to get over. With tantrums, I find that sending him to his room works well. I tell him he needs to calm down before he can come out. He hasn't quite got there yet; to a place where he can emotionally regulate himself when he's clearly very frustrated. After a few minutes, I go into his room and say if he wants to come out, he needs to settle down. If he still insists on having a tantrum, I give him more time in the room to settle down. We do spank also, especially when he's hurting others or destroying things and when his heart is clearly in a place of rebellion.



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