Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Beautiful Beaches of La Jolla

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In San Diego, we also visited the beautiful La Jolla Beaches.  We heard about these from a few locals, they mainly told us about the seals that live there.  The seals come and lay on the rocks along the beach and swim close to the people.  We knew we had to go to show Rory the seals, since she loves to make seal noises.

The beaches were exceptionally breath taking!  And everyone was right, there were seals everywhere!  Rory and I were making seal noises all day!  I actually overheard someone saying that there weren’t many out in the summer and that their are more seals out in the winter.  We loved it- and the beach scenery was nothing short of amazing.

The seals came right up to the swimmers
One issue we had here (and all through out our trip) were Rory's shoes.  Although the weather was beautiful, (literally it was perfect weather!) my little Bug's little feet still got hot and sweaty. I also think it is hard for her to lug around her lift for so long.  

It is hard walking in these shoes!
Whatever the reason; the hot feet or the heavy lift, we frequently had to stop whatever we were doing because she would rip off her shoes and socks.  She didn't just do this at La Jolla either- she also did it at the zoo, beach, in the car, restaurants all over San Diego.

La Jolla is perfect for anyone who wants to take off their shoes, the grass was soft and spongy almost like it was AstroTurf.  So we all embraced the bare feet, we found a nice grassy area and did our own thing!  We danced, did cartwheels and handstands and chased birds and had quite a fun day!    
playing without shoes!

who doesn't love to chase birds!

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