Friday, September 28, 2012

Photo Friday!

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Snuggling on her bed with Kindof, Maralyn, Flapjack, Momma and Baby otter, and (non pictured) Kalen the Raccoon!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Book Worm!

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Rory has been really into reading lately.  She has always enjoyed reading books, but she has never been able to sit still long enough to read more than a few at a time.   Lately, she has been wanting to sit and read them over and over and over....
Reading books outside!

Here are a few of her favorites:
  • I spy book: transportation; she loves the busses, trucks, and airplanes in this book!
  • Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus: she just loves this book so much!
  • Halloween lift the flap book: she just loves those mummy’s!
  • Miss you mouse; this is a new book and she loves all the animals in it!
  • Just me and my mom, one of the little critter books.  I love this book because I remember reading it when I was little!

We also look through each page and I will ask her to find pictures in the background.  She loves doing that!  Since I am 3 months pregnant, its nice to sit and relax for a bit during the day!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rory's Laptop!

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One of Rory’s favorite Birthday presents was from her Aunt TT.  It is one of those “Leap Frog” lap top computers.  It is SO cute because it says her name and has emails from her “Aunt Trisha.”  

Now every morning, when Rory wakes up she says she needs to check her email!  It is so sweet.  She loves when she turns it on.  It says, “Hi Rory!” and she gets so excited that it says her name.  The computer also will talk about discuss letters, animals, and music.  She loves watching the little bear dance and will dance with him!

 I have never really looked into these little laptop toys; mainly because I am afraid that I will spend money on it and she will hate it!  But I am so glad Rory got this present!  
She loves getting her emails from Aunt TT!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Canadian Puzzle....No Problem!

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Our neighbors recently took a trip back home to Canada.  While they were gone we watched their house and watered their plants for them.  When they came back they had an adorable gift bag of Canadian treats for Rory.  Inside there was a stuffed moose, some chocolates, a cute bag, but Rory’s most favorite thing was a puzzle of Canada.

The puzzle was a little more advanced for a two year old, so I was going to save it until she was a little bit older, but she instantly opened it up and started working on it.  The child amazed me yet again with this puzzle!  She started finding items on the puzzle pieces and just working it like she had worked it a million times.  

She is such a smart girl....Yet again, Rory has amazed me!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hints for getting ready for your little one's surgery!

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It is that very special time where we are getting everything ready for Rory's surgery.  We are filling out insurance forms, filling out pre-op forms, and getting every other piece of miscellaneous paperwork completed.   With Rory's surgery being rescheduled, things are quite hectic!  Preparing for Rory’s surgery is both physically and mentally draining.  There are a few things that I am doing to help prepare me for my daughters surgery and the challenges that will arise.  

The first thing that I began far in advance is making sure I speak with our insurance company and find out what they are going to cover.  This way, during this whole long and lengthy surgery, I won’t be getting as many surprises , and I can completely focus on Rory.   Although with insurance, there will always be some form of a “surprise” bill, but if you talk to your insurance company; (and when you do talk to them document your calls, who you talked to, date, time, etc...) it can make things easier for you.  It will not only help you to understand what they will cover and why; but will also help you with how you are going to help pay for the surgery. 

Another way I have prepared for this surgery is speaking in depth to her doctor.   I discussed in detail the pre-op, op, and post op for this specific surgery.  I wanted to be informed of the most common major risks of the surgeries.  I am completely confident that nothing will go wrong with the surgery, but I still like to be completely informed.  I didn’t ask him about the little complications that can arise, just the most common issues that arise.   I also made sure to get the post-op issues.  The last thing I want is to see Rory after her surgery and to burst out in tears: she will know something isn’t right and get upset herself.   I also wanted to know how things will be like for Rory after her surgery.  Rory is going to be in a full body cast, 
This is similar to the cast Rory will have, except hers will be longer in the legs since she will have her tensor fasciae latae cut and made into new ligaments for her hips and knees.

what is her range of motion going to be, when will she be able to be weight bearing, what about using the bathroom, and lastly how long will it take her to learn to walk again.  You can never ask your doctor too many questions, and it is their job to answer them and make you feel comfortable.  

Most hospitals also have a employee called a “Child Life Specialist.”  This is a person who helps children get ready for the surgery, helps them after the surgery, and tries to make things more enjoyable for them during the whole procedure.  After our pre op appointment with Rory’s doctor, we are meeting with her Child Life Specialist.  She informed me that she has puppets with casts on, special games, and will show Rory the special play room where they can play when she starts doing better with her therapy.  Call your hospital, see if they have a Child Life Specialist on staff and then schedule a meeting with them.  It is their job to make your child's life more comfortable during this crazy time.

I'm also preparing for the surgery by taking better care of myself.  Many of you may know Jon and I are very big into being physically fit and eating healthy.   My husband and I are vegetarians, Rory is a vegetarian herself (however when she gets older we will give her the option to eat meat.  Just because Jon and I don't eat meat doesn't mean she has to not eat it.  We want to give her that option.).  I am fully aware that I will not always be able to get a home cooked meal while Rory is in the hospital,  and that I will probably be eating a lot of hospital food, (which, don't get me wrong can be delicious and healthy).  However, I am working on my nutrition now, before the hospitalization, because I know Rory is going to need me strong and at my best.  

Currently, exercise is the best form of stress relief for me.  I get so much sadness and frustration out when I am out running.  Although, I “try” to be a pretty healthy gal, I know I can always take better care of myself.  I'm making sure I have time to do plenty of other exercises: stretching, yoga, and breathing exercises.  My hopes is that the breathing exercises can help calm me down when I do become overwhelmed.  I know I am not going to always be able to go on a run or exercise while I am down there, I will probably spend all my time by her hospital bed.  you can always do some stretching and yoga by your little ones bedside so you won’t wake them up.   

Hopefully, many parents will never have their children have a surgery, I have four sisters and we only had a few broken bones.  But, should it happen to your family, you need to be the best parent you can be.   By just preparing with your insurance company, talking to her doctor, meeting with the child lift specialist, and taking care of myself are all things that I'm doing just to make this upcoming surgery better for Rory, for my husband and for myself.  Although the whole surgery time is going to be stressful and hard, try to minimize everything you can far enough in advance so that during this time, all you have to worry about is your little one.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Photo Friday!

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Eating Cheese Balls....what a special treat!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Halloween is almost here!

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I know I’m always a little early in my holiday planning.  I just get so excited thinking about Rory and holidays!!!!  Halloween is no exception!  We are already reading our  Halloween books, getting out our decorations, making spooky Halloween food in preparation for the big day, and of course our costumes!  

For Rory’s birthday, she got a few new Halloween books and loves them!  her favorite is a counting; lift the flap book.  She really likes to look at the bats and ghosts.    She is also quite intrigued at what a mummy is!  We are talking about Halloween every day, and I love how she is really getting into it!

We are SO excited for Halloween!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What a Special Treat!

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One of my favorite pictures this weekend!

We had SUCH A FUN weekend!  My wonderful friend Kalen came to Virginia Beach to visit us!!!!  Kalen is one of my life long friends that I went to high school with.  She is one of those people who you can not talk to for 6 months and when you see her, you are right where you left off.   

She has met Rory each time I was able to go to St. Louis, so a total of 2 times; so I wasn’t sure how Rory would react to her.  Sometimes Rory gets a little upset if someone, other than herself, is getting my attention!  However, Rory must have picked up Kalen’s vibe because they picked up where they left off as well!  I love seeing Rory so comfortable with my girl!
Kalen with Baby Rory!

We had so much fun!  We made dinner and stayed up late chatting on Friday.   Saturday we took Kalen on a traditional “Nauss Beach Day,” complete with “Pancakes, Pancakes, Yea!”  We all had so much fun!  

When Rory napped....we all did!  When she woke up we all went to play at Rory’s petting zoo.  Then back to the house for dinner and pie!  She had to leave that day because she had a morning business meeting, and we were all so sad to see her go!  After she left, Rory kept asking “where did Kalen go?”  

With all the chaos and stress that has happened in the past few weeks, a weekend with Kalen was just what I needed to smile, laugh, and relax!  

Thanks so much for visiting us....We all can’t wait to see you again!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Aunt Lauren!

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Big Shout out to my sister Lauren!  She turned the big 31!!!  I told Rory that it was her birthday and Rory kept singing “Happy Birthday Cake Aunt Lauren!”  We were hoping to Skype, but we understood they had a big birthday dinner.  

Rory loves her Aunt Lauren!  When she goes through her alphabet, the letter “L” is for “Lauren.”  She also loves all the special treats Aunt Lauren frequently spoils her with!  Her favorite is “Go, Shanny, Go!” a book that Lauren made about her cousin Shannon.  It has pictures of the cousins, Rory, James, and Shannon; and the rest of our whole family.  

Rory also loves the birthday card Lauren made for us!  Whenever we go out, Rory gets to bring one toy in the car, and lately she only wants to bring her birthday card from Aunt Lauren!  Its so cute how much she loves looking at all of our pictures.  

Hope you had a great birthday- WE MISS YOU!!!!  VISIT US SOON!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Amaya!

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Amaya, Rory, and Lidie

Today we would like to give a big big big “Happy Birthday” to our wonderful friend Amaya!    We were so fortunate to have spent time with Amaya and her wonderful family when we went to San Diego in August.  Since we left, Rory has been talking about Amaya and her sister daily!
Great Friends!
Although our families live far, to stay in touch, Amaya and her sister are currently pen pal’s with Rory.  Rory looks for the mail man every day, and she normally gets something in the mail every day either from Amaya or from her cousins or aunts.  She lights up when I tell her she got a letter from Amaya and Lidie!   They are more than Rory’s pen pal, they are her life long friends. 

Amaya is an inspiration to anyone.  One minuet watching Amaya, and you will see how completely incredible she is with her fixator, her leg, and life in general.  She doesn’t let her leg hold her back at all, which is how I hope Rory will be when she grows up.   She is older than Rory, and I know that when Rory is having difficulties and wants to talk to someone her age that knows what she is going through, she will pick up my cell phone and call Amaya!  

She is really a great girl, and although I hope everyday is a good day for her, I really hope she has a fabulous day on her birthday.  We love you Amaya, and I hope you know how special you are!  Happy Birthday!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Photo Friday!

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rory's Birthday Evening!

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We had a special surprise when Daddy came home early and joined us at Rory’s favorite places in town: Animal Jungle and Puppyville!  For her birthday, she got to pet and hold a little white puppy.  We then went to Animal Jungle, however; it was feeding day for the snakes so Rory wasn’t able to hold any of them, but she still loved seeing all her animals and feeding her Koi fish!

Since we didn’t know of a breakfast place that was open for “pancakes, pancakes, yeah,” we decided to just try Rory out at a restaurant for dinner food.  She had so much fun sitting in the booth and eating at the restaurant!  She had a cheese pizza with vegetables, but ended up eating most of my beans and rice!  She ate so well!  

Right across from the restaurant was a “Dicks Sporting Goods” store.  Rory is great to shop with when you have nothing specific that you need to buy.   So, we just Shopped at Dick’s! She picked up millions of clothes off the rack, will hold them up to her tiny body and ask if they fit or if they are too big.  She tried out every tent possible and sat on every chair she could find.  She could not have had a better time!

We finally came home and it was time for cake and presents!  I am not sure who was more excited, me or Rory!   She was really excited that she got to rip open all the paper and got to play with all the toys inside.  And blowing out the candles on her cake could not have been a bigger treat!   

It was such a great day, between Jon, myself, and all the phone calls from my family Rory probably heard the “happy birthday” song at least 200 times, maybe more!  I can't believe I have a two-year-old but I was so glad that she had such a fun day on her birthday!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Morning of Rory's Birthday!

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I wanted to do something special for Rory on her actual birthday.  Her party was the main event, and very hard act to follow, but I still wanted to make the actual day of her birth very special for her.   For the whole day, I let Rory pick all the activities, I never forced her to sing abc's or do any number puzzles, I let her do whatever she wanted to all day!

We were very fortunate to have the most beautiful weather on her birthday, it was as I like to call, “my California weather.”  So in the morning, we went to 2 playgrounds and played our hearts out!  

When we finally got tired we came home and went outside on a “picnic/snack” where we ate fruit snacks (gelatin free of course, they are currently her most favorite snack) and rice cakes while we read books with the dogs.  To finish off our picnic, it was nail time!

We have been painting Rory’s nails for a while.  We use non-toxic nail polish incase she eats the paint, which I am sure she does! Her favorite color of Nail Polish is the kind from Esse called “Rory.”  (I am not sure if she likes the color or if she just likes it because she got it from her friend Katy!)  Today she was able to hold the paint, hold the brush, paint her own nails and toes, and paint mommy’s nails and toes.  She was SO into it, you could tell she was concentrating so hard on painting them correctly.  She had so much fun!  

We now have to go to a doctor’s appointment, but more about the birthday tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Under the Sea Party!

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I am really big into birthdays!  I always think back to when I was little and how birthdays were always so special in my family.  I had a count down till my birthday almost every year.  My mom and dad always found ways of making us feel like the most important person in the world that day, they made the whole day extremely special.  

I want to pass that “feeling” on to Rory.  She has had 2 birthdays now and each one is my favorite day of the year!  This year’s birthday was not nearly as big as last year’s Pigeon Party, because we were supposed to leave for Rory’s surgery 2 days later; however due to Rory being sick, the surgery was rescheduled.  

I wish I had time to throw Rory a super big party, but with her dad being gone and coming home the day before the party, all the chaos from preparing for the surgery and rescheduling the surgery, we had no we made it work with what we had!  We had an “Under the Sea,” theme, since Rory loves our beach days!

 For desert we had several different types of cupcakes: fish cupcakes, bears on the beach cupcakes, octopus cupcakes, adn turtle cupcakes.  Rory and I made Oyster cookies, starfish (peanut butter fudge), sand dollar cookies, and for the big finale we made a huge under teh sea cake complete with turtles, sharks, fish and coral!  


All of the decorations were hand made, by Rory, which I thought gave the party a real “homey” feeling.  We made some octopus, walrus’s, jelly fish, star fish, and fish. and decorated the house as much as we could.  

gift bags 

The food was always fun for me.  We had octopus hotdogs, octopus cheese sticks, turtle bread bowl dip (with sea weed), octopus dip (7 layer dip), with some veggies and cheese for dipping.   We didn't want to make too much because we did not want any leftovers (since we were planning on leaving for her surgery).  Everything was so Yummy!

 We used toys we already had for entertainment for our guests.  We had our water table out, our playground, and we borrowed our neighbors bouncy house.  It was all such a big hit!  The kids had so much fun bouncing and playing on all the equipment.

 The most important thing, Rory had the best time playing with her friends!  She had a great party!  

 More about her birthday tomorrow.....


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