Monday, September 3, 2012

Alphabet girl!

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We found this book that Rory completely loves; it is an erasable crayon workbook.  It is a Pre-K workbook which is still a bit advanced, but I don’t think it hurts to start early.   We try to make our house as much as a preschool as possible.  I really believe that I am Rory’s first teacher.  Our time is as “structured” as it can be with an almost 2 year old.  
We have specific things we do, but don’t have a time slot for anything, because sometimes reading time can be an hour and sometimes it can be nonexistent. 

This erasable crayon workbook has made its way into our routine and is a huge hit with Rory.   Her favorite pages are actually where you write your ABC’s.  She likes it when we write them together.  I will hold her hand with the crayon and will direct her hands where to go.  
Rory's Big O and Little O!

She now has gotten a bit cocky, she likes to draw Q’s, O’s and L’s by herself.  We are working on C’s but it is still hard for her to stop drawing her circle!  I am really happy she likes her workbook so much because she will be immobile for quite a while after her surgery and will need to do some non-movement activities.  

She just surprises me every day.  I am so dumbfounded at how advanced she is getting.  I couldn’t be prouder! 

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