Monday, September 10, 2012

Back in time: first birthday party!

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Happy First Birthday Rory- September 10, 2011

Its funny to think that just last year was Rory’s 1st birthday!  We went all out for her first birthday.  Thsi year we are laying low, having a few people over, having some cake, but nothing big and spectacular like last year.  

How could we top our last year’s party anyway!  It was a big day for her!  Plus she was SO excited that her Aunt Lauren and Mini and Papa came in for her party! 

Rory loves, still loves very much to this day, Mo Willem’s Pigeon books.  We had a Pigeon Party!   I made all the decorations and food.  Durring her nap we all went to town with cooking and decorating.

I could think about was Rorys face when she woke up from her nap!  I imagined taking her out of her room so could see all the life size pigeons and signs and balloons and I longed to see that smile on her face!  I couldn't wait to get her up!  

She woke up and was just as excited as I had hoped!  She was a bit taken back but excited none the less.  We ate a banana and waited for our guests.

The party came and Rory did so well!  She was in control of he party- showing all of her friends her toys and her house!  She was just walked around smiling and happy!  

I couldn't wait for The cake either!  I spent so much time making different cakes and the peanut butter banana was due to be a hit.  It looked disgusting after it had been in the fridge- the frosting was brownish because of the banana and it all looked pukey.  Rory was such a pretty girl and just took little picks of her cake- she never wanted to smash her face in it but just take a small pick out of the pigeons eye.  She's so sweet too, she fed both me and dada.  It was wonderful.

She then got little fussy- so we took her outside.  We didn't end up doing presents because I didn't want to overwhelm her.  I was waiting foe her to go down for a nap because she looked so tired.

Everyone went home

Party was over

And rory got a second wind- dove into all her presents and didn't nap a bit.

I was so lucky to have my sister and mom and dad here!
 More Pigeon Party Pictures!

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