Thursday, September 27, 2012

Book Worm!

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Rory has been really into reading lately.  She has always enjoyed reading books, but she has never been able to sit still long enough to read more than a few at a time.   Lately, she has been wanting to sit and read them over and over and over....
Reading books outside!

Here are a few of her favorites:
  • I spy book: transportation; she loves the busses, trucks, and airplanes in this book!
  • Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus: she just loves this book so much!
  • Halloween lift the flap book: she just loves those mummy’s!
  • Miss you mouse; this is a new book and she loves all the animals in it!
  • Just me and my mom, one of the little critter books.  I love this book because I remember reading it when I was little!

We also look through each page and I will ask her to find pictures in the background.  She loves doing that!  Since I am 3 months pregnant, its nice to sit and relax for a bit during the day!


  1. OMG I totally forgot about Rory's surgery and getting a guest post to you. I completely lost track of time and then got sick.

    Do you still need my help? I'm so sorry I forgot Please email me.


    1. Oh you are so sweet! Her surgery was rescheduled- she got an ear infection a few days before- so they rescheduled it!!! Yes, if you have time that would be great to do a guest post! I would love it!



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