Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Amaya!

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Amaya, Rory, and Lidie

Today we would like to give a big big big “Happy Birthday” to our wonderful friend Amaya!    We were so fortunate to have spent time with Amaya and her wonderful family when we went to San Diego in August.  Since we left, Rory has been talking about Amaya and her sister daily!
Great Friends!
Although our families live far, to stay in touch, Amaya and her sister are currently pen pal’s with Rory.  Rory looks for the mail man every day, and she normally gets something in the mail every day either from Amaya or from her cousins or aunts.  She lights up when I tell her she got a letter from Amaya and Lidie!   They are more than Rory’s pen pal, they are her life long friends. 

Amaya is an inspiration to anyone.  One minuet watching Amaya, and you will see how completely incredible she is with her fixator, her leg, and life in general.  She doesn’t let her leg hold her back at all, which is how I hope Rory will be when she grows up.   She is older than Rory, and I know that when Rory is having difficulties and wants to talk to someone her age that knows what she is going through, she will pick up my cell phone and call Amaya!  

She is really a great girl, and although I hope everyday is a good day for her, I really hope she has a fabulous day on her birthday.  We love you Amaya, and I hope you know how special you are!  Happy Birthday!

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