Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Aunt Lauren!

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Big Shout out to my sister Lauren!  She turned the big 31!!!  I told Rory that it was her birthday and Rory kept singing “Happy Birthday Cake Aunt Lauren!”  We were hoping to Skype, but we understood they had a big birthday dinner.  

Rory loves her Aunt Lauren!  When she goes through her alphabet, the letter “L” is for “Lauren.”  She also loves all the special treats Aunt Lauren frequently spoils her with!  Her favorite is “Go, Shanny, Go!” a book that Lauren made about her cousin Shannon.  It has pictures of the cousins, Rory, James, and Shannon; and the rest of our whole family.  

Rory also loves the birthday card Lauren made for us!  Whenever we go out, Rory gets to bring one toy in the car, and lately she only wants to bring her birthday card from Aunt Lauren!  Its so cute how much she loves looking at all of our pictures.  

Hope you had a great birthday- WE MISS YOU!!!!  VISIT US SOON!!!

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