Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Morning of Rory's Birthday!

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I wanted to do something special for Rory on her actual birthday.  Her party was the main event, and very hard act to follow, but I still wanted to make the actual day of her birth very special for her.   For the whole day, I let Rory pick all the activities, I never forced her to sing abc's or do any number puzzles, I let her do whatever she wanted to all day!

We were very fortunate to have the most beautiful weather on her birthday, it was as I like to call, “my California weather.”  So in the morning, we went to 2 playgrounds and played our hearts out!  

When we finally got tired we came home and went outside on a “picnic/snack” where we ate fruit snacks (gelatin free of course, they are currently her most favorite snack) and rice cakes while we read books with the dogs.  To finish off our picnic, it was nail time!

We have been painting Rory’s nails for a while.  We use non-toxic nail polish incase she eats the paint, which I am sure she does! Her favorite color of Nail Polish is the kind from Esse called “Rory.”  (I am not sure if she likes the color or if she just likes it because she got it from her friend Katy!)  Today she was able to hold the paint, hold the brush, paint her own nails and toes, and paint mommy’s nails and toes.  She was SO into it, you could tell she was concentrating so hard on painting them correctly.  She had so much fun!  

We now have to go to a doctor’s appointment, but more about the birthday tomorrow!

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