Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rory update!

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Many of you have been concerned about Rory’s condition.  She is doing really well!  She has had quite a hard week.  

I knew something was wrong on Sunday night when she sat and read books with me for about 20 minuets.  For those of you that know Rory, she does NOT sit still often!  On Monday I could tell just by looking at her eyes that something was wrong.  She had a small fever, sniffles, and a small cough.  I thought it was just a cold, but regardless I called up Rory’s doctor to let him know that she was sick, thinking that the worst case; we would just have to post pone the surgery a day or two.  

Her fever continued on Tuesday, it had gotten smaller, but she was still extremely fussy and just not herself.  The PA down in Florida got all of her symptoms and was going to check and see what we needed to do.  

Wednesday, she had no fever!  She was already starting to come back to her normal playful self (which i desperately missed!)  I received a call from Rory’s doctor and he wanted her to go to the doctor right away to get a white blood cell count, then call him with the results.  Taking blood from Rory, is the WORST!  I dreaded getting it done, but knew it was what we had to do to figure out how long we would need to post pone the surgery.  

In a frantic mess, I left for the doctor without milk, juice, or diapers.....I have no idea what I was thinking!  

The doctor did an exam and it turned out that Rory had a small ear infection.  She said it was really small, but it still needed to be treated.  she wrote us a prescription and then the blood....To keep it short and sweet, there were two crying babies in that room.  It was so hard for me to hold her.  

I called Rory’s doctor and because of all that is going on with her now on antibiotics and her white blood cell count, he thought it was best to post pone her surgery.  The surgery itself, is around 5 hours long, and although she may be fine during the surgery, her immune system needs to be in tip top shape for her post operation recovery.  

So....I am working on canceling all of our plans....and making all new plans....It really kind of stinks, but Rory’s health is the most important, so I will do whatever I have to do for her to have a good surgery!  Now we just have a little more time to prepare!  I really believes that everything happens for a reason, so we are looking at this as a positive, rather than a negative.  If you want to know when the surgery is and her address, please let me know!  

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