Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rory's Birthday Evening!

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We had a special surprise when Daddy came home early and joined us at Rory’s favorite places in town: Animal Jungle and Puppyville!  For her birthday, she got to pet and hold a little white puppy.  We then went to Animal Jungle, however; it was feeding day for the snakes so Rory wasn’t able to hold any of them, but she still loved seeing all her animals and feeding her Koi fish!

Since we didn’t know of a breakfast place that was open for “pancakes, pancakes, yeah,” we decided to just try Rory out at a restaurant for dinner food.  She had so much fun sitting in the booth and eating at the restaurant!  She had a cheese pizza with vegetables, but ended up eating most of my beans and rice!  She ate so well!  

Right across from the restaurant was a “Dicks Sporting Goods” store.  Rory is great to shop with when you have nothing specific that you need to buy.   So, we just Shopped at Dick’s! She picked up millions of clothes off the rack, will hold them up to her tiny body and ask if they fit or if they are too big.  She tried out every tent possible and sat on every chair she could find.  She could not have had a better time!

We finally came home and it was time for cake and presents!  I am not sure who was more excited, me or Rory!   She was really excited that she got to rip open all the paper and got to play with all the toys inside.  And blowing out the candles on her cake could not have been a bigger treat!   

It was such a great day, between Jon, myself, and all the phone calls from my family Rory probably heard the “happy birthday” song at least 200 times, maybe more!  I can't believe I have a two-year-old but I was so glad that she had such a fun day on her birthday!

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