Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rory's Laptop!

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One of Rory’s favorite Birthday presents was from her Aunt TT.  It is one of those “Leap Frog” lap top computers.  It is SO cute because it says her name and has emails from her “Aunt Trisha.”  

Now every morning, when Rory wakes up she says she needs to check her email!  It is so sweet.  She loves when she turns it on.  It says, “Hi Rory!” and she gets so excited that it says her name.  The computer also will talk about discuss letters, animals, and music.  She loves watching the little bear dance and will dance with him!

 I have never really looked into these little laptop toys; mainly because I am afraid that I will spend money on it and she will hate it!  But I am so glad Rory got this present!  
She loves getting her emails from Aunt TT!!!

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