Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Black Cat Handprints!

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Halloween is just around the corner....and I can’t wait!  Fall is by far my most favorite time of year, and it is even more fun with a toddler.   Rory is only 2, so I really don’t want to make any “scary” halloween decorations, so we are going to make some “cute” and “fun” decorations over the next few weeks!  

Many of you may know that our house is a zoo; with 2 dogs and 3 cats.  When Rory started seeing black cats in our halloween books, she was kind of confused!  She wasn’t sure why black cats were grouped with the pumpkins, ghosts, and mummys.  She now thinks all cats are for “halloween,” and calls our cats (which non of them are black) her “bad halloween kitty’s.”  I have been trying to tell her that just black kitty’s are for halloween, because they are so crazy and wild, but she still things that all kitty’s are for halloween!   

So we decided to emphasize the “black” kitty’s by making some black cats of our own for to decorations around the house and to send to Mimi and Papa!  

Materials Needed:
  • paper
  • Black paint
  • Black paper
  • google eyes
  • pink paper for noses
  • white pipe cleaners
  • glue
  • optional stickers

We also doubled this halloween craft as a counting and color activity.  There aren’t many colors in this project, just black, white, and pink; but repetition always helps!  We also counted everything!  Our finger prints, eyes, nose, whiskers, ears, anything we could on the cats!

For this project, your child's hand will be the cat’s body, the pointer- pinky fingers will be legs and your child’s thumb will be the cats tail.   Using black paint, paint your child’s hand completely black.  Place it on your sheet of paper, making sure you have a good solid handprint.  Let them dry.

While you are letting your handprints dry, using the black paper, cut out some cat heads.  Rory and I cut out a head with two cat ears, however, if you do not feel comfortable cutting out a head with ears, you can cut out one big circle for the head and two triangles for the ears.  

Have your pink paper and white pipe cleaners handy so you can cut out little noses and whiskers for your cats.  For the noses, we cut out a rounded triangle, but just a regular triangle will work fine!   We didn’t measure our white pipe cleaners; we thought it would be cute to have randomly cut and odd sized whiskers for our cats!

Once the handprints are all dry, you can start gluing heads.  Remember that the pointer through the pinky fingers will be the cat’s legs and your child's thumb will be the tail!  We glued our heads on the upper part of the hand, the opposite side of the tail.  

We next applied some googly eyes using glue.  we also applied glue slightly underneath the googly eyes and applied a pink nose (stressing the color pink).  Lastly, add a generous amount of glue to either sides of the nose for the whiskers.  The white pipe cleaners take a lot of glue to stick, so don’t be shy!  Also, Rory loved to pull off the white pipe cleaners and then glue them back on again.

We decided to cut them out and glue them to black and orange paper.  We also wrote “Happy Halloween,” and I let Rory put spooky stickers on and thats it!   you now have your “Scary Halloween Kitty’s!”

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