Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween decorations!

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Our house is officially decorated for halloween!  The other night we got out all of our decorations and went to town.  Many of you may know how much I love halloween, however; I had no idea how much Rory would like all the decorations!  

Inside our house; we have 5 bats hung periodically whose eyes glow and fly around in circles.  We have multiple spider webs all over and spiders stuck in the webs.  There are also pumpkins and webs outside. 

We love it!  I am actually surprised at how much Rory likes the decorations!  Every morning we get up and check on the bats.  We will turn them on and when they fly in circles, we “chase” them until they eventually they chase us!  She doesn’t think they are scary thought, she mainly thinks they are fun and cute!  

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