Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hard few days...

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We have had a hard few days.  We found out a couple days ago that my husbands father had passed away.  Jon was close with his dad, and loss is always difficult.  It is not only difficult for my husband, but also for me because there is really nothing I can do to help the situation.   

I wasn't really sure how to act at first.  I didn't want to say anything wrong or do the wrong thing.   So I am just going to be there for when he needs me and try to take care of his as best as I can.  

I know my grandparents are some of my favorite people in the world.  Every time I go home to St. Louis, I have to spend several days at their house.  The last time I was in St. Louis (I have been fortunate to have gone back 2 times!) my grandparents came in from Kansas City to see us.  I love my grandparents, and I do wish that Rory could of had the same experiences that I have had with my grandparents.

Please keep my husband and his family in your thoughts.  

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