Monday, October 1, 2012

Nervous Mama...

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We have a surgery in our near future.  Our first surgery was scheduled for the first of September, but cancelled due to Rory being sick.  Sadly, a part of me thinks that the re-scheduled surgery isn’t going to happen too!  I know it has to happen in my head, I know that she needs it and it is the best thing for her, I know.  I really just do not want Rory to go through any pain!

It brings me back to when Rory and I were at the pool a couple weeks ago.  Our community pool has a kiddy pool and a bigger pool.  Rory loves to go in and out from the kiddy pool to the big kid pool.  My fearless wonder will jump into the kiddie pool, hop out, and then run like a banshee over to the big kid pool where she will jump and, and often will get upset when we try to catch her!   The past week, while running around like a crazy woman; Rory fell and started bleeding.     

This particular day, we were in the adult pool (for about 2 minuets) and Rory was wanting to go back to the kid pool.  We are normally pretty close to the stairs of the adult pool, so it is easy to get out of the water.  But that day we were out on the other side of the pool, so I had to get her out of the pool first, then get myself out and walk her over to the kid pool.  

I lifted her up off the side of the pool, and as soon as I did so I knew it was not a good idea.   We should have swam around the pool and gone to the stairs.  She took off on a sprint to the kiddy pool.  Because she can’t wear her shoes in the pool, she was shoeless  and on a wet ground.   With all of her “pool excitement” she went straight into the pavement.  

It scared her at first, but it probably scared me a bit more.  I picked her up and we went over to our stroller so we could get some milk to calm her down (milk calms her down like no other!).  When she saw the pool she immediately stopped crying and went right to the pool.  That is when I noticed the blood on both of her knees.  

Knowing she can’t go back into the pool with blood dripping from her knees, we went to the first aid station looking for some bandaids.  

As soon as we went up to the first aid station she began screaming again.  The lifeguard wiped her legs with a non-burning alcohol pad.  Rory did not like the lifeguard touching her, and helping her with her bloody knees.  She screamed like I have never heard before.  She kept screaming, “mama, no, no, no.  mama, roro’s hurt.”  The lifeguard then proceeded to put a bandaid on one of her scraped knees.  People on fire do not scream as much as Rory did!   I put on the second bandaid, and the screaming lessened.    

We then left the pool...It was so hard for me to deal with Rory crying and being in pain.  I keep thinking of that day in my head, and then think about this upcoming surgery and how things are going to work out.  

I just hope that she will have enough pain medicine to not cry as much as she did at the pool that day.  

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