Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Playground Lover!

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Lately the weather is getting cooler and we have been able to go to the playground more.  It is so funny, how she has grown SO much in such little time.  Before she needed a lot of help doing pretty much everything, climbing, sliding, swinging, and now she is off on her own.  

She still needs help, I often climb up there with her to make sure she doesn't get going to fast and fall.  Many of you know how fearless Rory is, and the playground are no different!  She is officially all over the place, she will try every new piece of equipment until she falls and gets hurt!  

When I plan our weekly playground outings, I only have a few specific parks that we choose to go to.  Some are really difficult because a lot of the times Rory will want me to  play on the playground with her, or help her climb up the “big kid” parts of the playground, but when its time to go down the slide, I need to be at the bottom of the slide.  She also really likes to jump into your arms at the tallest part of the park!  Its really hard to be in two places at once....so I like to frequent the parks that I know how to “maneuver!” 

This weekend we went to a new playground, that was SO advanced and it was literally only a matter of time before she got hurt!

There were big metal bar/steps that you had to step on to climb up to the main part of the playground.  When you climb up the big metal bars you get to a big metal circle.  There was one big metal circle and then several big metal circles inside the big circle.  There was a big hole in the middle and a pole for the kids to slide down, just like firefighters do.  Although this may seem like fun to some....It was literally a panic attack for me.

she will climb on anything!
On the weekends, Daddy is with us so we can pretty much go to any park we want, and thank God that Daddy was with us on Sunday!  There was no way I could help with everything!   She did so well, She always amazes me at how well she tackles the “big kid” equipment.  But she still needed a lot of help and there was no way I could have take care of her all by myself!  

We finally left before any injuries happened, but also; because my heart was beating out of my chest and I was so nervous I got really bad armpit stains!  

(I don't have any pictures of the playground from this weekend- I was too busy running after Rory!)

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