Thursday, October 18, 2012


Pin It Rory has been in quarantine lately, since she ended up getting sick a week before her last surgery last time.  So, we have been avoiding everywhere: grocery stores, playgrounds, dance class, and play dates.

We have had a string of bad luck lately....Jon's father passed away last week, and we made a quick trip up to Kansas City for the memorial.  The trip was short and sweet because I was so paranoid about Rory getting sick, and we just decided it was best to make it a quick trip so we could get Rory home and get prepared to leave for her surgery.

We got back on Saturday, and she was up the whole night.  I finally brought her in the room around 3am, and I knew it....I knew she was sick.  I told Jon I had the "motherly instincts vibe" that she was doubt in my mind.

Her fever never got over 100, but she was still sniffling and coughing a bit.  So, we called her doctors in Florida, went to her doctors here, and got all the blood work drawn.

Her doctors here were supposed to fax her blood work as soon as they got the results to her doctors in Florida so they could check her white blood cell count and then make a decision whether we would reschedule her surgery or not.

We waited....and waited....and I was so nervous yesterday...but I received no call.

So yesterday I called her doctor in florida and the results were never faxed.  I was on the phone all day today....and the results were finally faxed.....

now we have to wait......

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