Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fall Leaf Cards

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It is just starting to turn Fall out here on the East Coast.  We are very lucky to not to have to endure the long hard winters as we did when we lived in the midwest.  It only recently became colder after Hurricane Sandy hit.  Currently the trees are changing colors and there are plenty of leaves on the ground.  

Rory and I love the changing colors and leaves.  We notice them every time we go on our walks.  Recently my mom was fortunate enough to come visit for a few days and Rory really misses her.  When we were walking the other day, she said she wanted to send mimi some of the pretty leaves.  That is what inspired this next craft.  

We are making “Fall Cards” for our out of town friends and families. 

Materials needed:
glue (we used paintbrushes to help coat the sticks with the glue, but they aren’t needed) 
leaf stickers or leaf cut outs.  

To make these cards, we started out on a journey to find sticks.  I explained to Rory how we wanted to find small sticks because we would have to glue them on our cards.  We walked all around the neighborhood; even though there were plenty of sticks in our yard, picking up sticks and putting them in our bag.  REmember the smaller and thinner the sticks, the easier they will be to glue!

We brought the sticks back to the house and got out the rest of our supplies.  We are fortunate enough to have a small leaf cut out, where all we have to do is put different colors of paper in the machine and press down on a button and we have small leaves.  If you don’t have one of these, no worries!   If you have a hobby shop near by there are lots of small leaf stickers you can buy! 

We then got out our collection of sticks.  We broke them down into smaller pieces so they would fit on the card.  Rory loved dipping the paint brush in the little pile of glue and putting the glue on the sticks.  We then put the sticks on the cards.  I had to help with this part, mainly because I wanted the sticks to look like trees and Rory was putting the sticks randomly all over the cards.  

We then used the paint brush to put little dots of glue all over the cards.  We then were able to put the leaves in the little glue spots.  This was no only good for Rory’s hand eye coordination, but also good for her skills in colors.  We would put pink leaves on one spot of glue, brown leaves on another, etc... until we had used all of our colors.   We then set them out to dry.

When they were all dry we could write fun fall phrases on them like, “Hope you fall our way”, and other cute phrases, but you can use a quote or whatever you would like.  

We also glued a picture of Rory playing in leaves on the inside of the card.  

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