Tuesday, November 27, 2012

final day of Mimi's visit- Day 3

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Final Day of Mimi's Visit!  
The next day we did Rory’s other favorite things to do; go to the beach and “Pancakes, pancakes, yeah!”  The hurricane brought in some colder temperatures so we didnt’ get swim suits and beach toys, but rode in the stroller along the beach and drank coffee, which was just as good.  Then off to get pancakes!  
What trip to see Rory would be complete without a trip to dance class.  This is where Rory shines, she loves to dance with her friends, and then hang on the parallel bars as much as possible.  It was really neat because the last time my parents came to visit was on Rory's first birthday where they went to dance class with Rory, and she got to see how much stronger she is and how much she has grown since the last time she saw her! 
Before we had mom leave we had the most special treat of all.  Mom wanted to spend some time with Rory, so Jon and I left for a few hours childless!  We weren’t even sure what to do, so we went to walk on the beach.  We walked and had an uninterrupted conversation for nearly 2 hours.  
Then we went out to dinner.  That was strange too...we ate without food being thrown, spit out, or holding Rory in our lap!  It was really nice to know that Rory was happy and having fun with her Mimi and Jon and I could be normal adults.  It is hard being “on” all the time!  We really enjoyed our time away!

Rory was so good the whole time Mimi was here- I don't think she fussed once! The only time she did fuss, was when we took Mimi to the airport because she wanted her to come home with us!  

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