Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween 2012

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This year we went as toys from “The Island of Misfit Toys” from Rudolph and the Red-nosed Reindeer.  Rory has the “dolly for Sue” that she got from her Aunt Lauren for her first Christmas.  We were listening to the misfits at the time, and we just connected “Misfit toys,” with “misfits” and came up with Marilyn, out of their love for Marilyn Monroe.

 We had no idea that Marilyn would become such a huge part of our family.  When we went into pre-op and they talked about Rory’s “comfort- needs” it was immediately Marilyn, her blanket from her great grandma, and and a pacy.  Marilyn goes everywhere with us, she does everything with us, and is pretty much like a another child here.  

So for Halloween, when I asked Rory what she wanted to be she immediately replied, “Marilyn.”  And I went out the next day to buy material to make costumes.  Since Rory has been born, we have all dressed up together as a family; so Jon and I decided we would be some of the other toys from “The Island of Misfit Toys.”  I was the spotted elephant and Jon was the Charlie in a box.

Before Rory’s surgery I made her “Marilyn” costume, but when I started with my costume and Jon’s costume, I realized that we couldn’t pack all of our costumes to Florida with it costing $25 to check a bag.  I put the costumes on hold, until Halloween 2013.  Until the surgery was canceled, then I had to rush to finish Jon’s costume and my costume!  I was finishing them up until the last minuet on Halloween!

I couldn’t wait for Halloween! Although our costumes were not exactly how I wanted them, but they were done!  We painted and carved pumpkins and then went trick or treating with Rory.  After the first house, she knew exactly what to do and was a “trick or treating” professional!

We had such a great Halloween!

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