Monday, November 19, 2012

Mimi's visit day 1

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We were so lucky to have Rory’s mimi come and spend time with us.   She was going to meet us in Florida for Rory’s surgery (she had to reschedule it from the first surgery....and now has had to reschedule it again!) but since it has been about 9 months since we had seen her she decided to spend a few days with us.  
She came in on halloween night.  We were really nervous with how Rory would act when she saw her Mimi, for several reasons:
  1. it was halloween and Rory ate more candy than she ever had in her life
  2. she hasn’t seen mimi in 9 months, so I wasn’t sure how she would act.  I know that we skype and talk on the phone often, but you never know what a toddler will do!
  3. Mimi was coming right at Rory’s bed time, which could be a volatile time....

I picked up mom from the airport and when we came home, Rory was SO happy!  she started jumping up and down and yelling mimi, and even gave hugs and kisses.   She even let Mimi help put her to bed! 
It was awesome!  More about Mimi’s visit tomorrow!  

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