Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Shoes Needed!

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Rory has needed some new shoes for a while.  She currently has a size 4 shoe and a 6 cm lift.  Her left foot is probably a size 5 now and her right foot is probably a size 4 1/2 now.  Her lift is 6cm and that needs to be taller too.  

We figured we would get shoes after her first surgery, (since she will gain a centimeter in her hip after the first surgery) but her first surgery was rescheduled due to her fever and ear infection.  So my poor little Bug has been squeezing into one tight shoe and a small lift.  

She will always tell me that her left shoe feels “too tight” especially with certain pairs of socks, and then will ask when she can get a new pair of shoes.  Since her shoes are so tight, she doesn’t wear them all the time, whenever she is at home she is normally in bare feet.  The only problem with the bare feet is that the little toes on her right foot are now chap and completely peeling on the tops.  

We got her new shoes and I will show pictures of them tomorrow!  

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