Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Shoes!!!!

Pin It Guess who got new shoes! She got a size 5 instead or a size 4 and since her third rescheduled surgery is coming up soon, we only got a half centimeter on her show lift, so it is now a 6.5cm lift.
Everytime we get a new pair or shoes it takes a day or so to get adjusted to them. For example her blue Adidas was worn so much her lift had its own indentation of where she would scrape it on the pavement when she would lazy when she was walking a lot. Now when she gets tired, her shoe scrapes a bit and she has to pick up her foot.
She does have laces rather than he Velcro snaps which is new, so we will see how that will work! So far it's not too bad! She still manages to get them off and throw them when she gets upset!
I am So happy that she doesn't say, "shoes too tight," every time we put them on!
She is doing so well, and I am pretty sure we won't need an ankle brace for a long time!

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