Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rescheduled Surgery Saga part 2...

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I was so mad.  I was so upset at everything: how she was cleared for surgery, how we came all the way down to Florida to find out she had bronchitis, why this wasn’t recognized in her blood work, I was freaking out about expenses, getting Rory’s bronchitis checked and taken care of, I was just freaking out!  

We got a new surgery date, and went back to the hotel.  We went to schedule flights back, and of course we had to pay an extra $450 to move the flights we already had, and they were longer flights, normally the flights to Florida are a little over 4 hours, plus lay overs, but we were looking at around 6 hours on this last minuet flight.  We thought about staying a few extra days, but just wanted to get home and have Rory see a doctor.  

We booked our flight and then remembered all the food we bought the day before.  That night for dinner, we cooked 2 frozen pizza’s and had gallons of ice cream for desert.  (We also let Rory munch on whatever she wanted, and later on found 3 apples with only 2 sweet bites taken out of them!).  We ate and saved what we could and then gave the rest to the hotel kitchen and the housekeeping staff, so none of it went to waste.   

Jon trying to make us all smile by taking pictures of us
 packing up all our groceries....we needed more boxes!
We finally got up and left around 9 am and headed to the airport.  We made our first flight on time, and got into Washington DC around 2.  Knowing full well we had a hour and a half wait ahead of us until our flight left (it is only a 3-4 hour drive from DC to Virginia Beach we decided to wait it out).  
Rory asking when we can go home
I kept getting updates on my phone, about our flight being delayed....We were living of packed Cheetos, and to keep Rory happy we let her eat as many fruit snacks as she wanted; making sure that we didn't not run out.  We finally got word that we were boarding a plane around 7:15pm.

We had to take a little bus out to the small plane, a propeller plane with only 13 rows of seats, seated two together.  Rory was insane after all she had been through so she was moving from my seat to Jon’s seat (Jon was seated in front of me).  It was finally time for take off, and Jon had Rory, so he put her on her lap and we thought we were good to go.  

Mid take off, the one stewardess on the plan calls to Jon that Rory has to be in her own seat.  We were seated right near the propellers and it was so loud and dark, and i knew this was not going to work.  Immediately Rory started screaming: she wanted mommy.  The screaming and convulsing got worse by the minuet: I had my hand between the seats touching her but she kept screaming for Mommy.  The flight attendant came over, because the whole plane could hear her, and asked if she could get some juice to calm her down.  

I lost it.....

I told her that unless Juice is “Mommy” its not going to help.  I was furious because we had been to Kansas for the memorial, taking 4 planes for that trip, and now for Florida, another 4 planes, and on all the flights she has been able to sit on my lap!  The stewardess and I started fighting, Rory was literally screaming, sweating, and it was so bad she was having trouble breathing.

No doubt everyone on the plane could hear her and would have paid money for this lady to let my daughter sit on my lap.  I burst out in tears, it was so painful for me to hear her scream like this for me, when I am sitting right behind her and have this woman tell me to sit and relax.  

The stewardess was upset because Rory was 2 years old, and because she is 2 we have to buy her her own plane ticket.  To me that is complete BS because she's on my lap during the duration of the flights anyway!  We only bought her her own ticket because the airline makes us!  I was upset because we had been on seven flight and all of the sudden for this one flight she can’t be on my lap! 
Things were getting extremely ugly, there was yelling from Rory, from myself and from the stewardess!  I couldn’t take Rory acting like this!
She had just been through so much; going to Florida, to pre-op, to hours in an airport for layovers, and now one final flight home. 

Jon noticed I was either going to fight the lady or we were going to have to make an emergency landing, so he tried to calm us both down.   The stewardess immediately got defensive about how she was having a hard day and now her plane was delayed.....really....are we going there, my daughter's leg doesn’t grow and she was supposed to have surgery today, but it was rescheduled, and we have been waiting at airports all day.  I’m pretty sure I am having a harder day than you, so lets not play the “whose having a harder day card.” 

The crying didn’t stop and I was going to lose it.  the lady sat next to me in Rory’s seat saying she understood because she has a granddaughter was blind.  All I could utter was, “get away from me, please, get away from me now.”  Jon laughed and said, “ma’am, please just give my wife some space.”

The next thing I knew, Jon flung my sweaty girl back to me, and she got to ride on my lap.  Her crying instantly ceased and Rory was fine.  I was still furious at the stewardess, but was so happy to have my daughter in my lap.  When it came time for landing, the stewardess talked to Jon, while Rory was still on my lap, which was probably the smartest decision she could have made.  

It was the closest I have ever got to being kicked off a plane.  ...And on the shortest 45 min plane ride back home!  Jon said if we did need to make an “emergency landing” because of me, we probably would have landed home!  

We got home at 9pm....we ate a frozen pizza (which tasted like a small piece of heaven).  I calmed down, and we looked forward to her doctor appointment tomorrow to get her bronchitis. 

The next day, we went to the doctors office, and her doctors said she didn’t have bronchitis.  wtf...

It was the longest few days of my life.....I am just glad that Rory is doing fine.  We have her surgery date scheduled.....she is already in quarantine and there is NO way she is getting sick and there is NO way we will fly on that airline! 

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