Monday, November 5, 2012

Rescheduled Surgery Saga....take 1

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Many of you may know that Rory’s first surgery was yet again, postponed to a later date.  Last surgery date, in September, Rory came down with an ear infection a week before and the doctors would not operate on her because of her immune system being down.  We were fortunate enough to cancel and reschedule our trip before we went all the way to florida.  This time was a little bit different.

For those who follow our blog, we went to Kansas for Jon’s father’s memorial and the night we came back, she became sick.  Her fever never went over 100 degrees, but she did have a fever and was sniffling a bit.  Before we go down to Florida we have to get her checked by her pediatrician and she has to be “cleared” for surgery.  At this time, we were asked to get a white blood cell count so we could see if her “illness” was viral or not.  

We got the white blood cell count, sent it to Florida, and her doctor here cleared her for surgery.  

Thinking everything was fine, we packed for a whole month and left for Florida.  

coloring in the airport
We packed light, we only packed enough fruit snacks and applesauce packets to get us down to Florida.  As soon as we arrived, Jon went grocery shopping (I was so paranoid about Rory getting sick, we kept her at the hotel and played around).  We had a fabulous hotel complete with stove, cookware, microwave, fridge, and utensils; so we bought a lot of stuff, again: we were planning on spending a month there.
morning of pre-op

The next day was pre-op.  I was so nervous, scared, and every other emotion I could have.  During pre-op, they naturally take the patients temperature, and Rory had a 99.5 degree temperature.  She was sucking on a pacy and in GG’s Blanket (her blanket made by her great grandma that she doest’n part with!).  She was already asking to go home, and it was just pre-op.  We took off her blanket and pacy (which she hated) to see if her fever would go down.  It 99.3.  

So we were immediately sent to anesthesia.

This surgery she is having is extremely long.  It can be anywhere from 7-11 hours, so anesthesia is very important.  The anesthesiologist explained to us how after a child is sick it can take up to 6 weeks for the lungs to get back to normal.  She did not sound confident about the surgery taking place and I was already upset.  She asked us to get a chest x-ray just for her to double check.  
We went up to x-ray, but I couldn't go in with her since I am pregnant (which was awful for me).  Jon went with her and said she did great.  After the x-rays she was completely exhausted.  All the waiting and poking and prodding had gotten to her and she fell asleep in my arms.  Poor Bug!  After more waiting we finally met back up with the anesthesiologist, and learned that Rory’s x-ray showed bronchitis.  Surgery was off.  

We were overwhelmed, upset, sad, and tired. 

And the trip wasn’t over yet.....

The rest of the trip coming tomorrow!

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