Monday, November 12, 2012


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When we were in Califorina, we were fortunate enough to be able to spend some time at Sea World.  I knew Rory would love Sea World, because she loves animals, but her reaction to the animals surprised me.  Her absolute; hands down; most favorite anima in all of Sea World was a sea star!  I am not sure if she liked them so much because they were in an interactive display where she could see them and  touch them, but for whatever the reason, they were the best thing at Sea World

Since I am missing Califorina, we decided to make our own sea stars!

Materials needed:

  • paper
  • Scissors
  • couscous 
  • glue
  • newspaper

This project was so simple, affordable and fun!

We started by laying newspaper down on the ground.  We knew we were going to be using glue and couscous...which can be a deadly messy combination!  

To start with, I drew a star as a “template” first.  I drew a regular star and then rounded the five prongs of the stars.  After the template was cut out, I traced it onto some construction paper.  We picked out what colors of construction paper we wanted to use, just to reinforce our colors.  I had Rory help tracing around the sea star just to help with her pre-writing skills.  

Once we cut out all the stars, and after we counted the prongs of the stars, we bent the stars in the middle of each of the 5 prongs.  The bending just helped with elevating the stars a bit, so they popped up a bit!  We placed a small bit of glue on the sea stars, it was mainly in the middle of the prongs (where we bent them earlier), but Since Rory loves glue so much, it ended up being everywhere!  

Once we had the glue in the proper places, we sprinkled the couscous over the top so that it stuck to the glue.  We then sprinkled the remnants of the couscous onto the newspaper.  I used couscous for this because I liked teh texture and thougth it was quite realistic looking, but feel free to use anything you would like: glitter, beads, anything you would like!

Once they were done drying, we got to touch them!  Now we randomly place the sea stars around the house, Rory likes to hide them and have me find them, and then we touch them and feel their texture. 

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