Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cooking With Rory!

Pin It Lately Rory has been helping me cook- It is the coolest thing ever!  I love to bake and cook and recently I have been giving her a bowl and spoon of her own and letting her stir flour and water.

Yesterday when I asked Rory what she wanted to do she told me she wanted to cook bread!   And even though we have a house full of bread, I actually considered making some!

She has a cooking set of her own, but perfers the "real thing!"  We even have names for all of our cooking equpitment, there is Mr. Mix, Mr. Chop, and Mr. Blendy.   She will even notice them on TV or in the stores.

I try to often find recipes that now don't contain eggs, because she LOVES to pick at the dough!  This year we may have new Christmas cookies, just because she likes to pick so much (just like all of her aunts and cousins!)

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